GPU Memory Allocation

BIOS GPU Memory Allocation:
I have an older ThinkPad Yoga 15 with an iGPU and a 2Gb NVidia 840M dGPU

BIOS lets the iGPU toggle between 256Mb and 512Mb. (System only came with a whopping 4Gb of RAM)

Is this possible in BIOS for the Framework iGPU? I didn’t see anything specific for this in the BIOS section.

If yes, what’s the maximum amount of RAM you can allot? Ideally 4-8Gb if 32-64Gb of installed RAM.

If no, how big of a burden to implement in a future BIOS update?

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Intel doesn’t use a separate bank of memory for VRAM, it uses system memory. The Intel graphics driver works with the OS to handle this. There is an effective max to this, Intel sets it at half of the available system memory.


If you’re referring to DVMT pre-allocated memory, then that should be possible. Most manufacturers hide this though.
The only laptop I had that that had this exposed was an old Acer a few years back.