Grafting Framework Laptop 16 Antenna Module Kit onto PC

For some reason I can’t find any non-questionable seller of M.2 wifi cards, so I’ll be purchasing it from Framework (AX210).

Now, I can’t find any how-to guide for antenna replacement for the Framework 16, so I’m wondering about whether or not the black bracket is removable from the actual antennas (which I’m assuming to be the bronze (forgive my ignorance for what the component is made of) part)

As for how it’ll be attached, nothing beats good old janky tape, I can sacrifice some effectiveness of the antennas.

This is what I wrote in the visually impaired guide:

Wifi module

This is located at:
80, 125
It is immediately above the horizontal section of the heat pipe that runs from the processor up and off to the left side of the mainboard.
It's size is 35 x 22 including the attached plastic clip.
This is a smooth plastic rectangle with a plastic clip running down it's right side from front to back.
The wifi bracket screw is located at:
95, 125
The wifi module is held in place with a plastic clip which grips the right (screw hole) end of the module and provides a screw that screws down into the mainboard. It does not screw into the module itself. The clip runs down the sides of the module and wraps a little underneath it.
Once the screw is undone the module and bracket might rise up at a shallow angle, the same as with the SSD drives. If the module does not rise up then you should be able to lift the module by pulling the clip or the screw. There is little space below the module to get any purchase to lift from there and the raised screw hole in the mainboard will present an obstruction. The clip can then be slid off from the right side. The clip can not be slid off while the module is still in the flat horizontal orientation.
When reassembling, the long straight edge of the clip is positioned to the left.
When viewed from the front so with the screw side to the right the right end of the module has an L shape, that is, the lower part projects out further than the upper part. This lip has a gap that allows the clip's screw to protrude down through it to reach the screw hole in the mainboard below. The lip also contains the two antenna connections. These are very small MHF4 coaxial right angle connectors. The antenna connections are both toward the front of the laptop and the nearest is so close to the heat pipes that it can be obscured from feeling with the fingertips.
If the clip comes off without the wifi adaptor rising up at a shallow angle then you can either clip it back on or gently pull the wires to tidy the surplus that is sitting on the mainboard which will give easier access to the underside of the lip to help to get a fingernail under it to lift it up.
The antenna wires can pop off of the module very easily and can be very challenging to reattach.
The wire toward the front of the laptop is white. The one behind it is black. You could mark the cable in some way to aid identification incase you lose track of which is which. The order is important.
When reattaching the antenna wires, run the socket on the end of the cable around the plug on the card until it sticks in place.
The socket should be able to be rotated on the horizontal axis around the plug.
Push down and hopefully feel it snap into place.
This can be very time consuming and it's possible for the socket to become damaged.
Once both wires are attached, hold the card with the little finger underneath and position it against the m.2 wifi card socket on the mainboard and push it into place at approximately a 20 degree angle.
Slide the fingers touching the antenna wires carefully off of the sockets rather than lifting them straight up or you are likely to pull the wires straight off the wifi card.