Graphics module won't output to display

I got my FW 16 a couple weeks ago and today wanted to use it to connect to my workstation’s displays. I was trying to connect the graphics module through a USB C to DP adapter to my monitor, but it doesn’t show any picture. Plugging the display into one of the side USB Cs works, but of course outputs the image through the internal GPU.

EDIT: I just noticed the RX 7700S graphics module isn’t shown in the device manager or in the AMD Software. Is it broken?

EDIT2: I removed the graphics module and reinstalled it, somehow that seems to have fixed it. I can now output display through the GPU. However, if I try to connect a second display through a side USB C port, that doesn’t seem to work. It should be possible in principle though right?

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The USB-C module should have Display Port alt mode (Display port protocol over USB-C). My expectation is that my XREAL glasses will be usable through USB-C with the 16 using the RX graphics expansion module. Or the processor built-in graphics w/o the RX expansion module installed, based on my mobile config desires for cooler running and longer battery life.

The USB-C expansion card specs from the Marketplace show the following:


Weight: 8g
Dimensions: 38mm x 7mm x 30mm
USB-C receptacle
Supports USB4
Supports 48V/5A charging
Supports DisplayPort Alt Mode up to 8k 60Hz resolution
50% post-consumer-recycled aluminum
30% post-consumer-recycled plastic"