Great Review from LTT!

Linus has now given his reasons. (Video sponsored by iFixit!) Surprisingly to me, he even says how much he has invested.

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With Linus personally investing, it’ll be interesting to see what happens in 6-12 months when we start seeing the inevitable knockoffs, clones, and aftermarket parts: Will they be reviewed? How favorably or harshly?


Louis strongly supports Linus in his decision to invest. It is really great, and hopefully provides the incentive to others that Louis suggests, that both Louis and Linus use their own Framework laptops. (And, unless someone has usurped Louis’ name, it was also great to see @Louis_Rossmann contribute to this forum.)


@njf Those are some big claims from Louis there, it’ll be interesting to see if they come true.

Thinking about it… Bill Gates could be a good angel investor for Framework. He obviously has the tech/PC connection and he’s quite involved with sustainability as well, from what I know. Though maybe I’m being a bit too optimistic :sweat_smile:

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It’s funny. I first heard of Linus back when he did uber enthusiastic videos for Canadian retailer NCIX. I used to buy a lot from NCIX. They’re gone now.

Linus moved on, apparently first wisely advising NCIX to change course and not open a series of large bricks-and-mortar stores in high rent areas. They ignored his advice. Now they’re gone and he has enough money to buy a Porche and invest 6 figures in Framework.

I always found his voice incredibly annoying and hated how he casually threw around fragile, expensive components. But the Framework review video and the Framework investment video made me change my mind. The investment video, in particular, shows that he understands complex financial and business concepts quite well and can explain them to the average person.

I didn’t realize he had such a high profile now!


Bill? No. He doesn’t care about that.

He care about the exact opposite. He has always been against sustainability (in what he does, not what he says). There are (nowadays way harder to find) documentaries about how much of an as**ole he was in the 80’s and 90’s. Sorry to inform you too that he hasn’t changed since. He was the one to order around in Microsoft to implement and enforce Embrace, extend, and extinguish! Why would he have changed now?
He somewhat recently said in an interview (citation needed) that he has got more money running a charity than he did as CEO of Microsoft.


The review is what put this on my map
i want to know if there will come a store page that lets us buy each component individually or if we have to opt into buying a kit and choosing at that point.


I agree that it is fascinating how many contributors to the forum have specifically said that they became aware of because of Linus’ review.

We have been promised the Marketplace imminently, when we should be able to buy components individually.


I think this LTT video published at 21th September 2021 is not shared yet.

Responding to your comments on the Framework investment


LTT’s video about this article.

This goes BEYOND Right to Repair!


It’s from LTT WAN Show. Linus’ comment about RTC (real-time clock) battery issue (Laptop won't power on unless i plug in AC power, Viability of an ML 1220 rechargable battery for RTC | CMOS) on Framework Laptop.

It’s Coming For Us… - WAN Show June 17, 2022
1:39:18 Framework transparency

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LTT is preparing their video with possibly the Framework Laptop second generation with Intel 12th gen CPU. :slight_smile:

Remember the Framework laptop that Linus invested in? We’re making an update video! Owners, we want to hear what your experience has been: give us the good and the bad!


Thank you for posting the clips as they might be hard to find!


A new video with some comments about Framework from LTT. - 1:56:47 - Framework, Linus’s investment


Thank you for reposting!!! I appreciate it! I wonder what he knows that we don’t lol.


Yeah, I am looking forward to seeing something that he knows in the future.


On the same video, ✂️ Framework Clip #2 - YouTube
There’s a small segment on dGPUs in Framework!
Edit: It isn’t information heavy, but just an interesting opinion yk


@Shiroudan Nvidia MXM GPU doesn’t sound too promising based on what Linus said there, based on what he knows, but I wonder what AMD’s position on MXM GPUs are…


Non-existent I’m afraid.


@Shiroudan That stinks… :confused: Thanks for letting me know about that, I guess the only way to get a different GPU would be via a different mainboard or via a eGPU…