Great Review from LTT!

Hey Guys!

I have been wayting for the online reviews and here they are!

Linus Tech Tips has reviewed (and ordered one in his Review), the Framework Laptop and in about 2 hours 260.000 people have watched the video. That is so great.

I think we are gonna be a bit more people around here soon!

PS: Please bring it to the EU! :smiley:


I knoooow!!! I was so happy to see this myself. Spread the word! Framework is going places :grin:


Mentioned it in the review thread but confirming it here. Linus’ review now has half a million views!


The video has now passed the 1M views.
Even the comments about the laptop are good, usually you always have people complaining but not here.
Looks like the most comment are like, ‘they don’t ship to my country’ and ‘I want an AMD version’.


That video is what got me here. I’m very excited about it. I do definitely need a DGPU in the laptop for our use-cases, but so far everything about it is exactly what I’ve been wanting.
~ Jamie


I actually found out about this laptop from that video. Even reading through the community threads, I can already tell this dev team has a healthy respect for the community with how much detailed information they give out about specs of the laptop or components when asked. Absolutely love that this is happening, and this team is getting the attention they deserve.


Linus got so excited in places his voice went into dog frequencies.


The review is closing in on 2 million views now, the most viewed video of his in the past week!

Nearly regretted not placing my pre-order since I waited for his review to come out and it took Framework’s site down LOL. Thankfully my order is safely in now, I imagine Framework has been doing a good job with scaling up inventory because I was afraid it was going to run out of stock last Monday


2,000,843 views and counting! I think you’ve got something here, Framework!


The i5 models are now on batch 4! I’m almost certain ltt is a big reason :slight_smile:

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It was an awesome review. One of the main reasons I pre-ordered myself. It’s exciting! Great job to LTT and Framework.


I think I found Framework in March, maybe? I was looking for, primarily, privacy-respecting laptops, like the Purism lines, and System76, but when I saw the modularity, I was hooked. The LTT video just confirms my hopes, and makes me glad I waited. I’ve been running a ca. 2013 Thinkpad Carbon X1 (1st gen), that’s starting to feel like it’s getting long in the tooth. I was eager to replace it, but took a chance and have now waited patiently through to the pre order day, and now to the shipping day (should be almost here!).

I’m super excited that all the new people have flooded into this community, because that makes me even more hopeful that Framework will last. You can have a great product and get killed by low adoption. Thanks, Linus, for drumming up the support for this product! We definitely need more like it.


Linus convinced me to order one too. lol


My next laptop is going to say framework on it.

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@FaultedBeing Oh shit really? I think I’ll sink some extra money to move up to Batch 3 then. Thanks for the heads-up

UPDATE: I just found out from support that my own i5 order is still shipping in September- they’re only pushing back new orders by a month. Phew!

Ended up discovering Framework thanks to Linus’s video and just pre-ordered the i5 DIY! I had an SSD, RAM, and WiFi card ready to go for a Razer Blade 15 I was planning on upgrading, but it literally died thanks to a short and I need something for the upcoming school year. Thankfully, Batch 4 ships midway through my Fall quarter!

The Linus Tech Tips (LTT) is discussing about Framework.

[1:17:12] Topic #7: Linus wishing to invest in Framework.


@junaruga I’m glad Linus chose to not invest in Framework in the end. It’s much more valuable for him to promote the company for free when he can, while still having his credibility and non-bias as a tech reviewer


It would be great if some youtuber can test the cooling capability!

@Leonard_Tao Linus touched on it briefly in his review.