GUI for ectool, backlight, etc

Howdy y’all,
I’m learning Rust and made a GUI for a few handy things I’d like to have in GUI form, namely ectool and brightness setting. I have a few planned features coming down the line, top priority for me at the moment is hacking together ambient sensor brightness, but thought I’d share to gather more ideas and feedback. Anything is appreciated!



Perhaps I might see another person developing the EC tools GUI in the forum in the past. I don’t know or forget the original post. Here is the screenshot. Exploring the Embedded Controller - #37 by DHowett .

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Haha, just so happens to be the same name too! Guess I forgot to post screenshots, I’ll get around to that eventually

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I just found an EC tool GUI. Perhaps it may work only on Windows. I am not sure.

The promised screenshot, with feature update!
More features coming soon!