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Hi all,

Im running Fedora on my 12th gen Framework and now that we have two officially supported distros (hurray for some focus) I would love to see a small GUI tool to control framework specific stuff like the charge limit, and perhaps some power management stuff. I’d call it “Framework Control” or something.

Are there any plans for this? I would like to be involved, although im only experienced in Java development.

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In Linux, you can do some of that, check out: Framework Embedded Controller Suite :: HowettNET or on this forum there are multiple posts that utilize EC to modify variety of stuff including fan speeds, CPU power management, GPU frequency, even I think custom fan curves in Linux. Windows users are not that lucky.

I was hoping for a simple tool that can be accessed from the GNOME taskbar… are you aware of any plans for this?

Something in the spirit of Tuxedo Control Center (TUXEDO Control Center - TUXEDO Computers)?

Sorry, I did not read anything about plans introducing such tool.

AFAIK from the recent Q&A, Framework is rightfully not interested in creating software.
However, there EC is open to anyone who would like to try!
You can always try yourself.

Hi @Geert_Schuring,

We do have a few community projects that enthusiasts have created tools in this space, but at this time we don’t have anything directly designed for GNOME or other desktop environments.

Yeah that would be great. The “Framework Control Center”. Perhaps, in the spirit of Open Source, we can fork that project and use it as the basis for a Framework version.

I love the idea. Anyone with desire and ability, feel free to take a crack at this is welcome. I can then fork it out and take a gander at it.

On our end, it may be some time before this type of thing is going to happen. But absolutely would love to see the community do some work, see what is possible.

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Great idea!!

Please, include an editor for /etc/default/grub with checkboxes for Kernel parameters to add to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=... with an automatic update-grub when saving.

Some useful parms to include:
to stop laptops screen flicker from Panel Self Refresh (PSR)

required for virtualbox 7, maybe other versions, too

power saver for SSDs with bad ACPI implementation
(SSD was disconnected, suspended system won’t wake up)

power saver
should also be disabled when using some TLP settings,

acpi_osi='!Windows 2020'
power saver
“Fixes a regression in s2idle, making the keyboard backlight and power button correctly turn off when suspending, as well as decreasing battery drain in suspend to about 1%/hour” (Arch Wiki)

Another setting I can think of:
[ ] Disable USB autosuspend for the HDMI card
So that HDMI screen won’t show black display after wakeup.
But add an info that, when something like TLP is active, this setting should be done there to keep same settings together.

Nim has a pretty good wrapping around GTK with an (imo) nicer interface to deal with (owlkettle).

But given that it’s a fairly small language, maintainability by others kinda goes out the window. I assume if it’s to be Gnome based and with the ability to be taken over by Matt (or others in framework) it would need to be written in C or Rust?

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We’re always looking into fun areas to tinker in. And who knows, maybe someday! :slight_smile:

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Well, if you guys ever want to play around with nim I’m happy to support where I can. Nim discord etc. is easy to find :smiley:

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Definately will keep that in mind! :slight_smile:

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