Framework Embedded Controller GUI I Made

I posted a screenshot of this on the subreddit a few days ago, and now have something on github ready for testing and feedback. I do not own the framework laptop yet, so I would appreciate some testing. It should support both windows and linux.
Here is the link: GitHub - boredom101/fw-ec-gui: GUI for the Framework's Embedded Controller
Here is a screenshot:

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


looks good, I guess it’s expandable as more of the EC capabilities get revealed?


This is so cool; great work!

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This is very cool! I’ll try to test soon.

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Very cool. I might give this a whirl.

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So just to be sure - this will only work with CrosEC that requires secure boot to be turned off, but Windows 11 requires it to be on as well as DRM protected games? So if I want to manually speed up the fan for gaming, I can either speed up the fan OR do gaming? Not to say it isn´t a very nice job, but is there any way to bypass my problem?