[GUIDE] Display color correction on Framework Laptop AMD 7040

I just found out the ICC profile file from notebookcheck:
Direct link: Download ICC File (X-Rite i1Pro 2)
You can download the file and apply it using xcalib. :slight_smile:


JEEZ those deltaE changes.

For those on modern version of Ubuntu/Fedore probably xcalib won’t work (did not try it).

I used colormgr as described here ICC profiles - ArchWiki but saving the files to my home folder .local/share/icc/.

I not so happy with the result. I’ll try it for a couple of days though.

I have done my own calibration some weeks ago with an older i1Pro and DisplayCal and really struggled getting the result into the GNOME Settings Color thingy on Fedora 39.

I also ended up copying the ICC profile to some arkane folder in order for it to show up in the list there.

However, I have the feeling it’s not always applied and I need to deactivate and reactivate the profile for it to actually change the output. I notice this with my external display that has a strong red tint without the proper calibration profile.

colormgr get-devices
colormgr find-profile-by-filename  /usr/share/color/icc/colord/BOE_CQ_______NE135FBM_N41_03.icc
colormgr device-add-profile eDP-1 icc-eca2e6d155d550a5e78c97a34ac3fcae
colormgr device-make-profile-default eDP-1 icc-eca2e6d155d550a5e78c97a34ac3fcae

Should work on any DE that implements colour management (the above commands will vary depending on where you put your profilie, but the key is ensuring colormgr has an index for the profile that can be applied to your devices.

This I have, yes, even though the device ID includes “xrandr” in its name (xrandr-BOE-0x0bca-0x00000000).

But these profiles do not seem to be properly applied at all times.

They also have an ICC profile for the Intel Framework 13 available here. Normally both should be near identical (excluding manufacturing and calibrating tolerances) as both models have the same display.

Yep. Do note that DEs might overwrite the ICC colour profile when enabling “blue-light filtering” features such as Plasma’s Night Color. Disabling it might cause the display’s (new) default ICC profile to be applied but running colormgr device-make-profile-default … will reapply it at any time. Interestingly, under X11 (as Wayland doesn’t yet have colour management), my laptop’s internal display is identified as xrandr-BOE by colormgr, so checking colormgr get-devices is important.

You might need xiccd to apply the ICC profile at start-up. See the Arch Linux wiki.

Wayland does have colour management ; just not in the major DE’s yet. It’s available in gamescope session and weston (and possibly wlroots based compositors ; but I haven’t checked)

kwin_wayland also recently incorporated support : backends/drm: support applying icc profiles with color management (8d25550c) · Commits · Plasma / KWin · GitLab

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colormgr get-devices is returning an empty list for me (kde plasma 6/arch linux). Any troubleshooting suggestions?

No. But does loading an icc file via System Settings - Display Configuration - Color profile work?

Ah, duh. That works fine

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Hmmm. I saved the AMD .icm into home/.local/share/icc and selected add profile in gnome 46 settings → color and selected it.

The color profile change seems to add a slight yellowish tint similar to night mode. I immediately and strongly preferred what was loaded by default and still do an hour later.

I’ll let it ride another day or two but if I had to guess I’ll end up switching back to the automatic color profile.