Display Color

The screen color is too red. And I’m using Linux. Is there any way to adjust the display color?

Actually I just found colord-kde can allow you to import .icc files to adjust the color. But still, it would be better if framework can provide its own icc file


Arguably if a person is so worried about color calibration, they will color calibrate their own display

It’s not like a framework provided profile will guarantee color accuracy and they don’t advertise color accurate displays


Notebookcheck’s review included a link to download their calibrated profile.

They would like to, yes, but color calibration tools are prohibitively expensive, especially for freelancers and hobbyists who do color work.


You can get a budget color calibration tool for $250 new from calman and I would guess they would be cheaper used

And you could write it off as a business expense if you are legit doing color sensitive work for money

Any provided ICC profile is inherently inaccurate for your display so it’s pointless to provide one to those needing to do color sensitive work, especially since displays require periodic recalibration

I’m not trying to gatekeep, hell, I’m a broke college student-I’m excited that an Apple TV let’s you do some color calibration with your phone

But let’s just get real about what to expect from this product-nobody expects color calibrated displays from dell or hp unless they are marketed to artists and designers, like the proart series from asus

Yeah, they do drift, but a profile like that will almost certainly be nearer to true color than no calibration at all, and reviews have shown that these panels are capable of really good delta e’s, so if you aren’t in a position to buy a calibrator, I say go for it. Worst case scenario, you revert to defaults. No harm, no foul.


My screen is noticeably pink. I’m on xubuntu and am no graphic designer. I’ve never even tried to use an icc profile and I only even know the term because I just googled a little about color correction on linux just now.

I too would like to know what to do about it, and I reject the dismissive characterization of “if this person is so worried about color calibration”. If I say it’s noticeably pink, it has to be bad for me to even notice, since as I said I’m no graphic designer or artist. I’ve never calibrated a display in my life.

I have 2 external monitors with the laptop in the middle so that also makes the discrepancy really stand out. It’s the screen not my crazy impossible standard of perfection.

I see in xubuntu there is a Settings → Color Profiles → Laptop Screen → +Add, and that gives a lits of things like “Colorspace: sRGB” and “D50” and “Rec. 709” and 20 others. No idea what any of those mean. Also there’s a little folder icon which loads a file picker dialog looking for “Supported ICC profiles”.

Should I be trying to use something like xcalib to create a new profile or something?


I would. Even if you aren’t doing color work, someone else’s profile should help you get to something decent, especially if you (like many I’ve seen) have noticeably redshifted displays. I linked an ICC for framework above, if all else fails, manually raising the color temperature should help.

If it looks red to the extent that it borders on night mode, there’s a bug in Gnome 40 that requires removing the display device’s existing color profile and replacing it with another, like Standard Space - sRGB.

If it’s a tint issue from the panel, we’ll have to wait for more profiles to be shared to see if it’s endemic to the type or if they can compensated for.

Speaking of, are the type, version, and manufacturer of each batch’s panels being tracked anywhere?

It’s a BOE CQ NE135FBM-N41.



Let me straight up apologize if I come off as dismissive, that’s not my intent

I’m arguing for realistic expectations-perfectly calibrated displays are unrealistic

Displays will a noticeable shift to one hue or another is not ok and should be rectified by warranty if possible

I don’t advocate that a consumer should do nothing at all-even I without a colorimeter use Lagom Test Pages to adjust contrast, gamma point and saturation to try and get as close to color accurate as possible

Asking for color calibrated display is unrealistic, asking for displays that aren’t defective is not unrealistic

Nice find!
I downloaded that *.icm file and the xfce Color profiles tool accepted it right in. It definitely changed the color of the screen but I don’t think it’s actually much better. … yeah, when I enable/disable the profile I can tell it does add a little more green, which is moving in the right direction, just not far enough.

I think you can’t see any difference from these pics, but I can see a change happen right when I apply the profile. Guess I’d have to video that to see it.

stock, no icc profile:

boecq icc profile:

I bet my phone camera is modifying everything too trying to auto white balance, so no two pics are probably reliable to compare to each other. But at least see the red by relative difference between different things within a given pic.

Your best bet at this point is to get it professionally calibrated or reach out to support to see if they will replace the panel

Or you could try using test pages to fix it yourself at home if the drift isn’t too bad

Funny joke. I don’t have that. No They’re not calibrated, I’ve never calibrated a display in my life because until now, no matter how off they were, they were never off enough that I consciously noticed of cared. That is the entire point, is that this is so pink it’s unavoidable.

Here is whitedisplay.com on all 3 (instead of a text editor that might have some slightly off desktop theme color that isn’t white) and a stack of 10 or 15 sheets of printer paper. This is with no icc profile loaded. Regardless the offset applied by my camera and the room lights (warm tone and not super bright leds), at least that offset is the same for everything in the same pic.

Turns out the monitors actually are set on a color they call “warm”. So this thing is pink compared to something that already calls itself warm.

Just thought of something, is night mode turned on in your settings? It red shifts your display to “filter” blue light

I don’t think so. As far as I can tell, the way that would be done on xubuntu (xfce) is with a night-mode plugin that I don’t seem to have installed. The settings editor should have a night-mode option if the plugin were installed, and it’s not there. I’m still looking to make sure it’s not being done some other way without me realizing it.

But then again, such a setting would affect all 3 monitors not just the built-in one. So, I guess we already don’t have to wonder.

I’m going to make a little bootable usb to remove all doubt about the installed os settings for things like this.

I’m out of ideas besides using test pages to adjust the various saturation levels yourself, messaging support to see if they will swap the screen, or paying to have it calibrated yourself

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help

It’s fine. I think all we need is an icc profile. Unless the panels are coming out highly variable where everyone is going to need to adjust their own. That seems unlikely.