Hairy arms = sad times

I love my AMD Framework 13 and we’re driving to get customers to use them instead, as we would really rather our customers had repairable devices, even though the Framework channel stuff is, afaik, basically non-existent as yet.

My biggest (perhaps only) bugbear is the lack of gasket between the top and bottom cases results in hairs on my wrist being caught between the two layers and getting ripped out, similar to : A very silly problem - only mine has been doing this since it was new.

I’m happy that the two halves are properly screwed together with a fairly sensible amount of torque, as there is zero “give” if I try to squeeze that front edge together.

It seems a bit odd that there’s not some sort of gasket along that lip to begin with to help with dust and liquid ingress - does anyone know if there is an aftermarket gasket? It’s about the only irritation I have (aside some unavoidable issues like having to give up W10 and AMD GPU driver instability before I switched back to the framework bundle version) in an otherwise great laptop.

Otherwise I’m going to have to apply some silicon to a card or something and run it along the front edge to try and fill the gap, but that seems… well… I’d sooner not be applying sealant to it if there’s a more elegant solution :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome.

Well I’m a bit hairy but don’t have a problem with my laptop although I do elsewhere.

Do you mean the joint between the base/main chassis and the input panel?

I even abused myself by pulling three hair out of my arm none would go in the gap and they look like skinny hairs.

Yes; that join. What’s interesting is your top case seems to sit flatter than mine, so perhaps this is a manufacturing tolerances thing - or could I perhaps even have overtorqued the screws at the front and warped the lid slightly? - but this is why some sort of thin gasket that could soak up those part-to-part (and build-to-build!) variances seems like a good idea.

I unfortunately tossed my framework across the floor when doing the security theatre dance at the airport a couple of months ago (which hardly would have helped this issue, but as I say it’s done this from new), and as I’ve just ordered replacement input and bottom cases to fix it up, this was the opportune moment to install a gasket if one existed - perhaps the new pair will fit together more squarely.

Here’s what mine looks like right now - this is the opposite side to the one that took the hit, but you should be able to see that the far corner, where the screw is, is tighter than the gap as you travel towards the trackpad. That section between the corner and the trackpad there is a tiny amount of ‘give’ in when I squeeze the laptop, but the “screw corner” is definitely flush. The hairs on the bottom of my wrist are really fine, so perhaps this is a hair type issue also :rofl:

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Looks like you could do with a shave maybe,or a quick singe around the wrist. Sacrifices have to made and not just by the factory workers and miners. It’s about time the user suffered a bit and shaved a bit off their furry warm and hairy beauty.

I’m not even sure a gasket would fit. But yes, grease up the old ones, silicon between and tape around, then once set trim the insides a bit ~ Could work

The suggestion to shave his wrists is kind of hilarious, and correct.

Hopefully some community manager in Framework brings this up in a meeting and it’ll get in the pipeline and result in a version 2 that fixes the problem in a year.



I mean, BBQ season might finally be upon us again in the UK so I guess give me a few weeks and this problem could solve itself, at least until winter rolls around again. :smiley:


OK Silicon it is.

A fine wipe around the seam. I suppose you could even open it a bit.

Of course! a thin bit of silver tape wouldn’t even be noticed.

This happens to me on the seams with the Framework 16 Laptop as well, on the seams between the touchpad and spacer modules. Potentially exacerbated by using a desk that’s far too tall / a chair that’s far too short. I might try a vinyl wrap you to cover over those seams.

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I’ve heard of workman blaming their tools but :rofl:

I have a pallet under my stool and a thick cushion on top :slight_smile:

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My GOD amoun, where’s your lumbar support?!


my butt, back, knees and feet hurt by looking at this man.

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@AMoonRabbit @Fhireman

Although I spend many hours ‘computing’ the Raspberry Desktop is the ‘day-time’ driver but as I am working on the land most of the day it’s rare that I would do an hour there.

In the evening I use the Framework from an old wicker chair with my feet up on a big roll of linen

But thanks for thinking of me, that’s what the forum is for, careing for people, even when they don’t know they ‘need’ it.


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