HDMI controller board for display panel

Two more boards :smile:

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@nrp that’s great! Which ribbon cable are you using with the module? The AliExpress listing has an option with and without cable HDMI controller board for display panel - #79 by nrp

The optional cable in that listing works.

I think this little board is really promising for potentially repurposing spare display kits as portable monitors! Perhaps in a slimmed down version of the Framework AIO that would be able to slip into a bag or clip on top of a regular desktop monitor?


Can you bend the EDP cable behind the screen 180* and can it run for hours without overheating?

Just received this, unfortunately no spare Framework display to test it with. Seems however it does not include a MUX, and the red power LED only turns on in one cable orientation. Parts look very similar to https://static-community.frame.work/original/2X/6/6f72d13ee0acdb311285509198becbe6938603f9.jpeg without the screen, so seems they simply exchanged socket types without actually making it a proper receptacle device

yeah, sadly. In USB-C, a DisplayPort (or USB3) device with a USB-C socket requires a mux for handling high-speed signal rotation, and a device with a USB-C plug does not. This board has a socket, but no mux - seems like they went from one to the other in a thoughtless way. It looks to me that the board should work for people still, provided you plug the cable in a certain orientation and don’t hope that the other orientation works. Also, hoping that the DisplayPort signals will work alright with an overall longer cable - no idea if they accounted for that!

It works! And as expected, only in one cable-orientation. Also only with one of my Type-C cables, could’ve sworn both were listed as DP compatible…


I found this one on eBay: EDP Controller board kit Type c mini 2 HDMI for NE135FBM-N41 2256X1504 Panel LED | eBay

It looks like a couple of the others that are listed here, just on eBay instead of Ali Express. I got three of them today and tested two of them, and they work wonderfully via usb-c. It works regardless of which usb-c port you plug it into, and powers itself over the same connection, so having a separate power cable is unnecessary.

I haven’t tested the mini-hdmi port, the usb-b port, or the headphone jack yet. Also, the UI defaults to Chinese, though it can be changed to English among other languages.

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone had an update on finding a board that can adapt from the mainboard 40pin to a female DP or HDMI? I’d love to be able to drive a display from that rather than use one of my external ports.

I haven’t seen an off the shelf solution that would work, but there are suppliers like this that should be able to make an assembly: intel System-Validation Methodology for Embedded DisplayPort kabel,eDP cable,custom cable,JAE_FI-D44C eDP cable

We have enough information in the GitHub repo for it.



I am trying to do what Mulverine has expressed interest in: using the mainboard eDP to drive a female HDMI out. Just procured this adapter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BTYRWSBK that has a 40-pin eDP input (it didn´t state the pitch but now that I have received it, I can confirm that it is .5 mm, so if I understood correctly I should be able to plug into it with the Framework-specific eDP cable sold on the marketplace) and turns it into an HDMI out.

I also found this other adapter https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/congatec/conga-MITX-eDP-to-DP-Adapter?qs=sPbYRqrBIVlhNQXU%252B91efw%3D%3D that might work if a DisplayPort out is preferred to HDMI.

I am planning to design a case to host the Framework mainboard, this HDMI-out board, the Wi-Fi card and antennas, the power button (to have a nice power indicator and that would make it possible to also use the fingerprint reader), and this USB hub https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GG6WM5H (to get USB-A for a wireless keyboard/trackpad combo and the occasional USB key, an SD card reader, and a gigabit Ethernet, along with a backup HDMI port in case the main one fails). The second USB-C on the hub side (and made less accessible by the hub) would be dedicated to power input, the other side of the case would be flush with the USB-Cs for compacity (so no adapter card receptacles).
I will have to wait until I get my AMD upgrade mainboard before I start getting serious about printing the case, assembling, and testing everything. If it works I would make the case design available along with the links to the various parts used.

I am wondering about a couple of things though:

  • will I get sound through the HDMI out (is that what the AUXP and AUXN on the pins 6 and 7 of the mainboard eDP are?), do I need to also include the sound daughter board to have any sound out or is this only in charge of providing a jack connector and powering the speakers?

  • is the Framework mainboard eDP (plus Framework-specific eDP cable) outputting eDP 1.2-compliant signal or at least able to go in a backward-compatibility mode that would automatically output such signal?

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I just bought one of these from Ebay for my extra screen; I just upgraded to the matte display and wanted to put my old one to use. I’ll do the CAD for a 3D printed case that fits everything needed once I receive it in a couple weeks.

Super excited!


I wanted this to be usable immediately, so it’s janky as all hell, but it works!
I used the cardboard packaging from the box the new screen came in, some electrical tape, and some command strips (for hanging stuff on walls) so theoretically this should be entirely disassemblable when I decide to do this properly.

I did have to go buy a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable from Best Buy, I forgot that this was mini-HDMI. And the USB-C video input doesn’t seem to work, but I have an HDMI expansion card, so I don’t mind as much.

The slit on the cover bit is so that I can fold it and use the screen in portrait (below), which mostly works, and is really nice for reading documents.

I also used cardboard because I wanted it to fold up super thin, so it’ll fit next to my laptop in my bag. I think I’ll do the design to make it out of two sheets of 1/16 acrylic or thin sheet metal eventually, because this obviously isn’t a long-term solution.

Getting the OSD back into english from the Mandarin it shipped with took a minute, but I did get it, and the options are pretty good. It runs at a full 2256 x 1504 at 60Hz (which is actually 59.94 Hz or whatever, not true 60), and can use the full range of brightness.

It’ll take input power through either of the USB-Cs, there doesn’t seem to really be a difference, but power through the micro-usb leads to a noticeably dimmer screen. It does seem to want the full 15W that it says to give it, so I’ll have to see what it’s like running it off of my laptop battery.

I did cut a ziploc baggie and put it over the electronics on the back, because I didn’t want to leave them fully exposed, but they wouldn’t really have fit within the cardboard.

I’ve yet to try it with anything that isn’t my laptop, but I did buy the HDMI board with the goal of using it with my xbox as well, in a mobile setup, so I’ll add updates after I see if that works.

Edit: It does work with my Xbox, but it refuses to display at the proper aspect ratio, so it’s squishing the 16:9 signal onto the 3:2 display. This is fine, I guess, but I think it’s a limitation of the control board, because it says it supports 16:9, and lets me select it in menus, but then is just a black screen when I do.



This one looks like it has breakouts for USB that could connect the webcam module. Is there any reason anyone can see that this controller board wouldn’t work?

Hi, newbie here.
I’m honestly curious- Has anyone found a Control board that
A) Has both an HDMI In/Full Size Display Port and ALSO accepts a DP-Alt mode signal over USB-C

B) Two USB-C Ports that both accept DP-Alt mode and/or can power the device

or C) Has a USB-C port that accepts DP-Alt mode & power, and another USB-C that just provides power to the LCD

Because I’d love to reuse an old FW13 panel, but also I’d like whatever I rig up to have the option of connecting to connecting to something that doesn’t have the ability to output a video signal over usb-c if I want.

I figure the easiest option would be to find a board that already supports DP Alt over USB-C and also has an HDMI/Display port built in.

Failing that, I don’t see why I couldn’t one of the existing fw expansion cards to plug into a USB-C/DP port, and powering the screen off of a separate USB-C port.

It just seems better to me for keeping the thing all self-contained.

IIRC, The controller boards need to have firmware compatible with the panel they’re controlling.
The model number for the panel used in the framework 13 is NE135FBM-N41,
so you’d need to make sure that the board supports that model.

Hey, I have 2 boards - one that can take the connection via a miniDP, miniHDMI or USBC. Its pretty inefficient, was expensive and is large. Thus I don’t like it. This one is not publicly sold but I can connect you to the ebay seller that i purchased it from

I have another smaller one that must use miniDP for the signal and usbc for the data. I used this with a DP to mini DP cable. Its pretty efficient but for me the 2 cable set up is not what I like. However, it does seem that this is close to what you’re looking for:

Display port alt mode over usb-c is kind of a must for me.

I just want the option of popping in a framework HDMI or full size display port expansion card so I can use it with another device.
But if I do use an expansion card like that, I’d need another cable to provide power.
Hence the second usb-c port

I just had an interesting but possibly ill-advised idea

What if you could supply power to the LCD controller through a spare Framework battery?
Then you’d only need the one usb-c port with an expansion card adaptor, then it could run on internal power instead of needing an extra cable and usb port.