Framework internal display connector to DP port?

Is it possible to adapt the Framework’s internal eDP 40-pin port to just a regular display out, like a DisplayPort? I’d imagine it’d be difficult to do and I don’t have the expertise as an electronics guru to accomplish it but surely there’s a way, and given how much of a loss running an external monitor is in terms of IO if you’re using the Framework without the OEM display it seems like it’d be a very useful adapter to have.


I was looking at this but there are a few issues:

  • The resolution is kinda fixed/programmed if my memory serves
  • You probably need another daughter board to connect the 40-pin to the PCB then from the PCB output to DP cable.

I wanted to convert the mainboard into a mini-ITX PC with a eGPU myself too.

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The eGPU thing might be simpler - you can “reclaim” some of the issue with the lost IO by using an eGPU enclosure with a USB hub onboard itself. I personally saw a thing that was a “Framework but it’s a tablet” and the fact he had to eat an entire USB-C port just to have a touchscreen tablet screen was what triggered this idea. I figured you’d probably need an intermediary daughterboard between the 40-pin and the DP cable but if the display out resolution is “fixed” that’s kinda disappointing, and I would have hoped that the display was the side telling the system what resolution was available for the image.


Yea I wanted to kinda make the framework mainboard case that can mount to a PCIe bracket with an eGPU, switching the WIFI card for an ethernet. Ideally the keyboard and touchpad can be converted to USB keyboard+mice input but the adaptability isn’t very feasible from my research. I wanted to maximise the ports as we only have 4 USB-C ports, 1 is already used for power, 1 for displayout, unless I hook up another thunderbolt dock or something.

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Now, I’m not an electrical engineer, but I did spend a hot minute with the Framework Mainboard Pinout, a DisplayPort Pinout diagram, and the pinout of a different eDP to DP thing which I found on StackExchange, and I may have come up with a way that connects the two together, based on the names of the pins and the fact that the other eDP to DP inverts the lanes (ie, lane 0 on one side goes to lane 3 on the other).Again, not an electrical engineer so please please please CHECK MY WORK before you hook this to anything you can’t afford to lose, but if anyone wants to have a look at it, the pinout is as follows (left is Framework eDP, right is DP):

1 - NC
2 - NC
3 - NC
4 - NC
5 - 16
6 - 15
7 - 17
8 - 11
9 - 10
10 - 12
11 - 8
12 - 7
13 - 9
14 - 5
15 - 4
16 - 6
17 - 2
18 - 1
19 - 3
20 - 13, 14
21 - 18
22 - NC
23 - NC
24 - NC
25 - NC
26 - NC
27 - 19
28 - 20
29 - NC
30 - NC
31 - NC
32 - NC
33 - NC
34 - NC
35 - NC
36 - NC
37 - NC
38 - NC
39 - 13, 14
40 - 13, 14

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This has already been done actually, let me go find the post.


@SteveHeist If you want an exact pinout for the Framework eDP connector, it is also listed in that thread a little farther up.


@GhostLegion I was looking at that at one point, and it looks like they’re doing the inverse of what I was asking about (although I explained it poorly in my original post so that’s my bad) - ie they’re adapting the eDP on the Display Module to a DP for input whereas I was asking about possibly adapting the eDP on the Mainboard as output. @nrp mentioned in passing that the modules they found in that thread might be able to accomplish that with a special cable but as far as I can tell said cable doesn’t exactly exist, and as much as I would like to see it made I don’t have the expertise to ensure I don’t just cook off a motherboard or display by sending 5V to the wrong pin. I’ll definitely keep an eye on that thread though - it may be worth reiterating my thoughts on that thread as it seems to have more eyes on it.


Do you mean having a connection to the eDP to a DP for a normal screen so it doesn’t take up any ports?

yep, that’s what he meant

ahh I need that too then

I stumbled upon something interesting:

Asrock has a screen that connects to embedded display port connector, not sure if it could be adapted to Framework though (considering standards and stuff)

Somebody would have to buy that and try it. I have no idea if it’d be successful or not.

eDP can be adapted to full size DisplayPort with a simple passive cable, just hooking up the signals for full-size DisplayPort and ignoring the power and backlight stuff. But since the Framework uses a custom eDP cable, you’d need a little breakout board to adapt the Framework eDP to a standard eDP socket or a customized cable.

As for going the other way and using other laptop screens like the ASRock one, eDP is pretty standard in terms of the video signal but I have no idea if the power and backlight specs are the same, even if the pinout is.

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