Thinking about using the top panel + display as an external monitor for my gaming PC, what do I need to know?


According to Guide to eDP (Embedded Display Port) Cables | Quadrangle Products Inc., control boards for displays maybe aren’t needed anymore as eDP contains all that?

So maybe i need an eDP to DisplayPort or HDMI adapter or something

This person made their own: displayport - Wiring Embedded Display Port (eDP) to a full-size Display port - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

And accidentally learned about cable quality.

Oh! Someone on these forums posted about this very topic last year!

So apparently it’s ‘easier’ to use a daughter board.
And someone already made one

Lots of cool builds over there: HDMI controller board for display panel - #94 by Luke_Oliver

original post

the connector on the display is goofy (probably standard for laptops or something, idk (update! I’ve since learned that the cable is called eDP)) – and I imagine the mainboard probably has some hardware for controlling the display – and that hardware, standalone, is what I’d need if using the display as an external monitor for my PC.

has anyone tried this?

what else might I need to know as I explore making a portable gaming (SFF)PC? (w/ framework display strapped to the side)

The protocol is edp, the cable is anarchy with some de-facto standards (important distinction). learned that the hard way when I plugged a very incompatible oled screen with very compatible connector into my t480s, blew up half the fuses and part of the embedded controller (through more luck than skill I was able to mostly “repair” the damage).

Afaik the current framework 13 panel uses the de-facto standard 40pin 4-lane pin-out so most 4lane dp->edp boards should work relatively fine.

I have converted some old-ish thinkpad displays to external displays using boards like that though I ended up using purpose built usb-c monitors later because they are a lot more compact and barely cost anything.

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