Higher capacity battery available in the future?

The battery is a bit underpowered. Will there (or can there) be a higher battery capacity available in the near future to upgrade to? e.g. will a higher capacity battery fit in that slot or that is not possible?


Maybe just wait for a 15" framework?

You know, with those modular user ports and Frameworks stated willingness to allow 3rd party designs, it might be neat to create a huge battery that connects via one of those ports, and simply makes the Framework laptop 1/4" thicker… but is a HUGE battery. I’d also like a larger battery, but I DO like that we can turn the battery completely OFF if using power brick - that will really help with length of life for those of us who are always plugged into the wall.


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I’d like the battery to be internal, if possible.


I’d be willing to trade off overall laptop thickness for some more battery power. Maybe Framework could have a thicker bottom metal plate with a bigger battery?

I am also interested in more battery power. While I loved the Thinkpad battery hotswap, I practically never used it. Yet, even in 2015 we had 90Wh batteries, so I’d love to see a stronger battery for the Framework in future! Happy to trade for a bigger frame, more weight etc.