Hinge clicking sound when opening laptop

My amd framework 13 was making clicking sounds from the upper right corner when opening the laptop and a louder pop sound from the left corner when reaching 70 degrees. It didnt get any better when testing with a removed bezel or more loose / tight hinge screws.

after wasting an hour trying to fix it in various ways i found these two threads:

Hinge clicks - #13 by mjnz
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the 2 cables that run from the monitor to the chassis (i think its the display and the antenna cables) have some kind of sticky insulation. when closing the laptop they move in a way that make them stick to the surface behind them, resulting in a click sound when being moved back.

after putting tape around both cables sticky areas the clicking has become somewhat more silent, but i still have no clue how to get rid of it entirely.

please help

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there also is a clicking sound when moving the display between 90 and 180 degrees and i think its completely unrelated to the cables

Is the laptop fully assembled? I saw this when assembling my machine; something in the hinge was colliding with the bottom screws. I had no issues once I finished building.