Hinge clicks

Has anyone else had issues with the hinges making a clicking sound? I am on my second laptop as the first one did the same thing. The new one makes the same clicking sound along with a rubbing sound.

I should mention that both laptops are from batch 6 and it made the clicking sounds before I took the laptop apart. I know I can replace the hinges if needed, but I am concerned about it lasting a while.

I have a Batch 6 getting delivered Wednesday 1/5. I’ll check mine asap

I can only hear clicks if I put the hinge to my ear. Isn’t noticeable with natural noise

I’m a batch 4 person, and I hear a little creaking when using the hinge but only when I’m moving the lid slowly and paying attention to the noise it makes.

yeah mine makes a clicking sound when I move it around the 130 degree mark

Mine also makes a little click/pop sound from the right hinge every time I open it. I cracked it open and don’t see any signs of wear or anything out of place, so I’ll assume it’s semi-normal for now.

Batch 6 here, I hear a creaking/clicking sound every time I open it up, but I’ve had that on pretty much every laptop I’ve used, so I’m not at all concerned.

Sounds like the hinge click is pretty common.

The click on my replacement machine is noticeable. So much so that a coworker heard it and asked me if my new laptop made that sound. I opened it up to see if a screw was loose or if something was catching somewhere. Everything looks fine to me.

Going to go with my current string of bad luck for 2022…

Received my Batch 6 today. If I hold it to my ear, I can definitely hear a little “scratchy” sound like plastic on plastic, then a slight click. But I do not think I would have noticed if it weren’t brought to attention.
I can say the Yoga I’m returning does not make any perceptible noise at all, but then again it’s a Yoga known for it’s hinges.
My 5 yr old Dell makes far more audible creaking noises now that I listen, but never noticed in previous 5 years.

I found reseating the top cover, checking the screws are tight (but not too tight), and reseating the screen bezel, resolved the hinge clicking. I still hear the creaking though but imo it’s not a big deal

Mine makes some loud clicking noises when I open it far enough. I noticed that when opened all the way, the bottom right corner of the bezel comes slightly off. See: Bezel comes up on corner when opened fully

Do any of you folks notice that? I’m thinking the these two issues may be related.

Removed the bezel. There is a black plasticy-paper-like “barrier” (?) material along the bottom of the screen. Some areas of this show “air bubbles”, and when I lightly push on the bubbles, it makes the same “clicking” sound.
Then when open/close the lid, I saw the two wires on either side had super sticky excess tape that was sticking to this “paper” when closed, then pulling the paper while opening, which caused the “click” sound. I very carefully removed the excess from one side with an exacto knife, the other had too little to try removing so I put some lotion on my finger to make it adhere less to the paper.
Also checked the hinge screws while there, one needed just a slight turn to snug it. Not sure if that mattered as far as sound.
Now I can just barely detect some mechanical hinge movement sounds but the actual “click” is gone.


Also to add an opinion, I believe the same “air bubbles” could be causing noise as the screen flexes during normal operation. So I think they need to look into improvements along that bottom screen material.

Edit: I am also convinced some of the slight “creaking” noise is due to the bezel magnet design. When the screen flexes, again in its normal tolerance, the magnets are very likely separating just enough to cause some noise. This is exactly why we need to glue everything down! That’s what “they” would say, but I’m very happy with the minor trade off!
And honestly, if I had never read this post, I would likely never have noticed the noise - in fact I’m sure of it, because my Dell is worse and I did not notice once in 5 years.

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I noticed some screws were loose around the hinges in my unit. The rubbing sound stopped once I tightened them, but the clicking sounds persist. I thought at first that maybe it was the magnetic bezel, but the click can still be heard with the bezel removed.

Batch 1 here. My hinges have stated making this clicking sound as of last month. They also feel like they “slip” between the clicks.