How do I change my username and email for the forum?

I recently had to get a new email and I was wondering where the option to change it is because when I check the preferences it doesn’t seem to give me the option

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Did you register on the main site. If you select Settings there you will find info to say contact support

This post has instructions on changing your username. As for your email, if you created the account by connecting to a google account, then you will either have to change the email associated with the google account, or contact support to see if they can unlink the google account from your forum account. If you are just using an account with an email address, I believe that you can change the email in the same place that you would change your username, but my account is linked to a google one, so I’m not certain.

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I checked with the admins; to change your email, just reach out to support and they can update it. Support can also change your username for you, or you can follow the guide @Azure linked if you’d like to have it changed sooner.