How exactly does the preorder process work?

First of all I’m sorry if this question has already been answered somewhere, I just wasn’t able to find it.

How exactly does the pre-order process work? If I pay 100 euros and the date comes when laptops start shipping, will there be some warning about needing to pay the rest of the price or will it be subtracted automatically?

So for example If I pre-order and then the batch is released sooner than expected how long am I able to wait with my full payment? Just to make sure I have the funds available when the time comes to pay the full price.

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The way it worked for me is I received an email a few days ahead of time saying my order would be shipping soon and would be charged at that time to the payment method I used for the deposit. I’m pretty sure the email said I could use those remaining few days to change my payment method if desired.

So you should get an email heads-up of at least a couple days. Edit: In fact, the pre-order confirmation email even says that you will get an email notification before you are charged the remaining amount. I just checked.


To give some more detail, you are sent a confirmation email when your batch begins to ship, so when you receive that email, you need to be ready with the payment method ASAP because it could be a day later that you are charged, or a few days later depending on where in that batch your order is.

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