Shipping dates FW 16


The delays were for Framework Laptop 13 (AMD 7040 Series), not Framework Laptop 16. At this time, FWL 16 is unaffected.


They have not started mass production yet… Q4 is the estimate. I am expecting oct-Nov for batch 1.

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Just a note since no one has said anything about it. This is a user forum, and while sometimes Framework employees will respond here, there is no guarantee they will. If you want a response from the team, send a message to Support, though for this question specifically they may not be able to give you an answer beyond what other users have said in this thread.

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any clearer dates for the batches of the framework 16.

Will batch one be shipped at the start of october, mid? Maybe some point in November?


How does payment work, I fear my bank saying no until further validation that Im making the purchace, may push my framework date back , is that a valid concern?

No more exact dates are available.

I believe you should have received an email with a Framework-16 preorder about payment. Iirc a $100 deposit is taken at the time of preorder, and before the remaining is charged you will receive an email allowing time for you to be sure you have funds available.


My concern isnt about not having the funds, my worry is what happens when they try to take the money, the bank says no, sends a text, or calls, to confirm that youre the one purchacing, and then says I can make the purchace.

Will framework let me make the purcase manually, will i have to chase support as soon as I get the text, things like that?

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Why would your bank say deny the charge? I don’t believe there will be anything unusual about the charge. Preorders are done all the time. I would guess that they may not even appear as a different kind of transaction to banks. Just a separate transaction from the preorder deposit.

They’ve done it a few times, Theyve sent me pass codes to spend 49.99 on steam before, I dont think they’re going to let an order over 2000 go through without double checking that I’m making the order.

Over $50 even, wow. What happens to the order when they do this?

You could try connecting Framework support to ask how it’s handled on their end. While they do read and respond to some posts here, it’s primarily a community forum.

To be honest, I’d look for a different bank if it was me. Or better, a Credit Union. Banks & CUs can vary a lot in how well they treat you. Some will treat you like you should just be thankful to them for letting you use your own money. My CU is fabulous. It’s a stark difference from some institutions which have lost me as a customer or member. You do want them to question particularly unusual transactions, but a $50 stream purchase, that makes them sound much too overzealous imho. And properly done, they should take into account your prior purchase history.

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If the payment is denyed, I believe you have a grace period before Framework will attempt to collect again, then they cancel the order. You should definitely contact support to confirm ahead of time, but I believe that in this case they will attempt to charge the payment method a second time after you’ve had the chance to confirm it with your bank.

You could also attempt to contact your bank when you get the message that Framework is going to charge your card in order to attempt to pre-approve the charge on your bank’s side. This would depend on your bank allowing that kind of pre-approval though.


Some people don’t use “Credit Cards”. I personally only use Debit cards. If I don’t have the funds for something, I don’t buy it. Period. And that is a very healthy budget management.
So I’d need to have at least a little notification for when payment is due.

Another poster had mentioned there are 3 emails after the pre-order confimration email:

  • An email informing you that your batch is going to be processed soon. This gives you the opportunity to make sure you have enough balance/credit limit in your payment method, and if needed, update it.

  • An email after your payment is made, that your order is about to be processed now. Which I am assuming is just before they start to assemble your laptop.

  • A final email with the shipping confirmation and tracking information.

Assuming about 2 weeks from the time they inform you about the batch production start and the shipping confirmation, I hope the Batch 1 customers will be getting those emails in mid to late September. Anything later than that will probably hint towards some production issues and delays.

Fingers crossed as I am in Batch 3 and need it ASAP for my studies.


Honestly I feel that, not studies, but Ive got so many projects in my head that are making no progress because Ive recently moved, and have no proper set up.

When i was in my flat my desktop was in the front room, and I did everyrhing from there, now I have it in a room which needs the entire floor and decerated, and new desk, etc.

I really want this laptop so I can do some of these projects from the comfort of my front room, from at cafes and at other peoplws places!

But honestly the fact that Im stuck even when Im home is what makes me desire it the most.

I didn’t say anything about a credit card. And PhoenixLandPirate didn’t say anything about a lack of funds.
I agree with you on credit and budgets, I don’t use money I don’t have.

I see the discussion is diverting to something else, let’s keep it about shipping dates!

I hope to receive an email soon with some general updates. Would be nice to see some official information, even if it’s just “we will begin shipping around mid Q4 if everything works out”.

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Does someone know what is the last batch that ship’s out this year?

I’d be happy with another deep dive.

Seriously. What happened there? Did whoever writes those get transferred to assembly? Maybe they’re still making last-minute changes to those components? Hopefully we get another one soon.


Sorry one last thing I wanted to add, according to the FW preorder policy:

We will attempt to charge the remainder of the purchase price and other costs to your payment method on file when your Product is ready to ship. If we are unable to process the payment, we will attempt to contact you via your Contact Information. If you do not complete your Order by updating your payment method and paying the full remainder due within 30 days, Framework may, at its sole discretion, provide you a full refund of the deposit, or continue to attempt to contact you via your Contact Information. Framework will make reasonable efforts to contact you to provide a refund after that 30-day period, but if Framework does not receive a response from you within 90 days of our initial request to complete your Order, or if Framework is not able to process your refund after that 30-day period (for example, due to a cancelled credit card), then Framework will treat the amount that you paid as unclaimed property in accordance with applicable law.