How hard can I push the i5-1135G7 in terms of screen real-estate?

I’ve pre-ordered a i5-1135G7 with 1x16GB ram, and plan to have 3 1440p 60Hz monitors or equivalent (with wide-screen/extra large screen) through a dock. I was wondering if anyone can share their experience. Is it possible to push that kind of pixel count from this cpu?

I work in software dev, so nothing graphics intensive otherwise.

At what point should I start considering using an eGPU?

Intel ARK states support for 4 simultaneous displays

Maximum resolution supported is 8k at 60hz

Your 3 monitors combined have a third that resolution

Given that you are just doing software development-it should be fine

If you are concerned about GPU performance, get dual channel RAM

@GhostLegion Thanks heaps. My google-foo kept coming up with answers to questions that were not relevant to me, and didn’t land on that, so thanks heaps.

I’m guessing that single channel ram, with the pixels I’m looking to push, won’t be too much of a problem. What are your thoughts?

@Benjamin_Pieters-Haw i don’t think it’ll be a problem at all

If it does turn out to be a problem the. You know the solution ahead of time

But nah, I don’t see it as a likely problem, it’s just text being displayed-a lot of text I’ll grant you but text nonetheless

However, I wouldn’t use a dock for 3 displays

I think you will run into problems there

I suspect you will need to run each display of its own port, maybe daisy-chaining the displays will work properly, might not idk, I don’t use multiple displays myself

Depends on if the connection is bandwidth limited and doing all that math will hurt my head

I didn’t notice you mentioning what kind of software dev you are doing. I would expect performance using the emulators inside Jetbrains IDEs (like Android Studio) or using an Electron-based IDE to take a lot more processing than coding up some deployment yaml file.

I am using that processor with 64GB right now on Linux (and only the default screen). With the 5.13 kernel there is a bit more stuttering when moving the mouse than with the 5.11 kernel. I haven’t tried Windows yet, but maybe someone else could chime in there. I know that’s more cpu than gpu, but perceived performance…

@malachid rust, using emacs with rust-analyser. Currently on an i5-6200U and it’s struggling, but it is something like 4 or 5 years old.

I have been running 3 displays via a dock, 2 HDMI and 1 VGA (just an old monitor for teleprompter) + the Framework screen.

However your mileage will vary depending on your dock, applications and resolutions.

Just go for it and give it a try.

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