i5-1135G7 3840x1080 @ 120hz?

I have a laptop with an i5-1135G7, can it run a super ultra wide with a resolution of 3840x1080@120Hz? I saw that it supports 4K @60Hz, so I thought half resolution means it can push out more screen refreshes?

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According to the GPU spec sheet found at the Intel Ark site, the max refresh rate for any resolution is 60Hz. So while your monitor’s resolution is not a problem, you will not be able to use its 120Hz refresh rate.

With a eGPU this could be possible, but will be dependent on the GPU used in your enclosure.

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3840x1080@120Hz should be possible via DisplayPort:

Using an HDMI card I’ve been able to drive a 1440p monitor at 144Hz, I don’t think a refresh rate limit exists.


That doesn’t make sense at all, it should be based on how much data can be pushed thru the HDMI or DisplayPort connection. I use an Ice Lake laptop with a worse iGPU that supports 1440p120hz over HDMI no problem.

This is a constraint of the Intel GPU. If you use your own HDMI dongle that processes the signal itself this may be different.

I mean just look at the GPUs stats on the Intel Ark site:

That is the i7 version but it stands to reason if it only supports 60Hz the i5 will too.

It is unclear to me whether or not the HDMI expansion card is just a pass through, or if it is processing its display data. If it does not then you will be limited by the Intel GPU. That is all I was saying.

@2disbetter I think you’re getting confused because the Ark page lists the maximum res holding the refresh rate at 60hz. 8K60, which DP supports, is much higher bandwidth than OP’s desired 3840x1080@120. There is no hard 60hz refresh rate limit, as long as the appropriate cables/adapters are used.

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Totally possible! Thanks for educating me! I’ll be honest that I don’t really ever care what my laptop is capable of outputting on external monitors, because I rarely ever use that capability.

Stuff like this is why I love this community!

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