How long does the laptop spend in transit to the UK

OK so my laptop went into transit from Taiwan two days ago and since then no update. Is this the same as other people’s experience in the UK or should I start getting worried?

Took a few days, overall avbout a week from first notice from Taiwan [Batch 8]

You may have a build number and then you can have your post maybe moved there.

You can search the forum such issues, but there is no aanswer to your question, it takes as long as it takes as long as it takes.

Probably another day or two to be packed along with other commodities for export etc.

Thanks for the reply, I’m batch 9, not sure if that is what you meant by ‘build number’, but am now planning next week so I can be in when the machine arrives.,

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Yes you can read the ‘concerns’ and ‘joys’ of Batch 9 or Guild 9

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you will know before me, hehe, I’m one of the “delayed by packaging” set

Bad luck! Glad I’m not in that set! I’ll post here when it arrives.

I’m in batch 9, also in the uk and my model is a DIY i5 with no ram or ssd.

Mine shipped on the 21st and arrived on the 28th. Most of the time the tracking websites stated “in transit” until I got a delivery notification text from dpd just after 8am on the day it arrived.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @Harry_Charles that is very helpful.

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Try here (same tracking number as in HubEZ):

It usually updates more frequently.

Other people in batch 9 seem to have got theirs in 5-7 from dispatch, usually.

@FlyingFox.of.theYard thank you for that. I just hope it doesn’t get stuck in a mainland China port!

The established route to Europe seems to be Taiwan-Singapore-Bahrain, no mainland China.


@FlyingFox.of.theYard thanks that is very useful information.

Glad to say that my laptop arrived yesterday.