Batch 9 Guild

Since there appears to have been a topic for all the other batches, I thought I would do one for the batch I am in

I plan on sticking Arch/Manjaro on, but prob using Deepin as the DE, switching away from using a MBP as my DD for the last 15 years
all the apps I use work on Linux, and rather than sticking arch on the MBP might aswell go dedicated

The one I ordered was

  • 1165G7
  • 64Gb (32x2)
  • 1TB SN850
  • International (I prefer ansi to iso)
  • UK power
    (even though I’ll prob never use it since I use a Razer Core X Chroma, always good to have a spare, since my wife basically steals my MBPs)
  • Expansions
    • 2 USB C
    • 1 USB A
    • 1 MicroSD
    • 1 250GB

Given the current status of batch 8, I think I should be able to receive my 1135G7 model by the end of March, but I won’t expect it to arrive any sooner.

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I’ve ordered an i5 16 GB RAM, I already have ordered a 1 TB WD850 separately because it was much cheaper here in Germany.
I am aslo replacing an old MacBook Pro with it and I’m planning to install manjaro, maybe dual boot with windows for firmware updates, especially the firmware update of the WD 850.

I hope they will arrive sooner than end of March😅

I also hope that it will come sooner than end of March. I actually have some plans for april and the framework laptop should be my main computer :grinning:

I’ve ordered the DIY edition with:

  • i5 1135G7
  • no SDD (1TB planned)
  • no RAM (2x8gb planned)
  • USB-C Power Adapter
  • Expansions:
  • 2x USB-A
  • 2x USB-C
  • 1x HDMI
  • 1x 250GB

I think i’m going for dualboot (Windows on SSD, Ubuntu on Expansion card), doing some video editing on Windows and python development on ubuntu.


I am waiting for the
DIY i7-1165G7



SSD and RAM are cheaper bought separately in Austria.

Is going to replace my old core2duo MBP from early 2008, it will be running MX Linux.

In very excited for this upgrade.


Hi !

I’m also on batch 9, I hope it will arrive before April in France because I will be away in April :sweat_smile:

I ordered exactly the same as Leon, but I will use Ubuntu.
This new laptop is actually the opportunity for me to go back to Linux that I left 10 years ago.


Hello my choices are:
16GB Ram (My own one)
512GB Nvme ssd (My own one)
OS: Gentoo (GNU+Linux)

I am really looking forward to receiving this laptop and creating a fully libre machine as Richard Stallman wanted 40 years ago.



I’m also in batch 9, from France too, with an DIY edition and:

i5 1135G7
no SDD (500Gb planned)
16gb ram
USB-C Power Adapter
2x USB-A
2x USB-C
1x micro sd

I’ll run Linux (I’ll try at least :smiley: )
have a good day


Hello everyone,

another comrade joining Batch 9 from Germany.

no SSD (will use my own 1tb Samsung 980 Pro)
no RAM (will use my own 2x16GB GSkill RipJaws)
1x USB-A
4x USB-C
1x microSD

OS: Manjaro or Fedora.

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Hi !
From France too, batch 9. Hoping it will arrive soon, can’t wait to get my hands on it !

  • i5 1135G7
  • 16 Gb
  • 500 Gb storage
  • 2 USB C
  • 2 USB A
  • 1 HDMI
    (DIY edition)
    I will use it with fedora 35 only (don’t want to waste time with windows).
    I am just a bit concerned about battery life, but it should be manageable by tweaking.
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Hi, i am on Batch 9 too joining from Austria

i like to put Manjaro Linux onto it.

here is my config:
DIY edition

  • i7-1185G7
  • 32GB RAM
  • 1TB - SN850

Expansion cards

  • 2 USB-A
  • 1 HDMI
  • 1 MicroSD
  • 1 USB-C

Batch 9 joining from France.

I’ll first try a dumb Windows, and see if a good old Linux Mint wouldn’t be as good in terms of battery life for the uses I have.
(freaking Win11 wanting to make me create an account and stuff :triumph:)

My DYI config :
Spec :

  • i5 1135G7
  • 1 x 16GB


  • 1 x USB-A
  • 1 x Display Port (oh good Lord I needed this)
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 x MicroSD

Hope I’ll get my hands on it before the end of March :crossed_fingers:


I got an i5 with:
Core i5
No Storage
Hoping it will arrive as soon as possible in Germany-.

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Got one with:

  • Core i5
  • 32GB memory
  • No NVMe SSD since i can buy the same one cheaper in NL

Epansion Cards

  • 1 Displayport
  • 1 HDMI
  • 1 MicroSD
  • 2 USB-C
  • 1 USB-A

Not sure which cards i’ll end up daily driving but having the others in the bag will be nice.
I’m planning to put Fedora on it but might distrohop if i don’t like it.

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Is there any indication of when batch 9 might get processed/ sent out? Any status page we can follow? Will diy kits be sent earlier as they don’t need assembly? My main laptop has just bricked itself.


@artfulrobot - this is more or less the only status page we got.

From what I’ve seen from the other guilds, it is always sent in the second half of the month.

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Generally seems to start in the middle of the month, Batch 8 has slipped over into March a little because of public holidays in Taiwan. We haven’t managed to find any pattern at all in the order in which orders were fulfilled in Batch 8 - it doesn’t appear to be quite as organised into sub-batches as American batches were.


ok @andyk2 thanks, good to know what I’m in for!


Woohoo, pre ordering from The Netherlands is now available. Seems I am the first one ordering from The Netherlands, but currently I am living in Bali. So I hope it will be delivered before my parents will fly end of March😊

Mostly the same config as @Daniel_Dolezal

DIY edition

  • i7-1185G7
  • 32GB Ram (2x 16)
  • 1TB - SN850

Expansion cards

  • 2 USB-C
  • 1 HDMI
  • 1 USB-A

After 10 years being in love with Google Chromebooks I am curious if we can make a decentralized / distributed web 3.0. For me it’s primarily not about earning cryptocurrency, but sharing the abundance of computing power when I don’t need it myself. I hope to see a future where tools such as Wikipedia can work this way. So I am happy to see a more open source ecosystem with framework.

Can’t wait to have it in my hands and joining the framework experience journey together with this community.


I ordered the i5:

  • no RAM
  • no SSD
  • 2 USB-C cards
  • 2 USB-A cards
  • DisplayPort
  • HDMI
  • microSD Slot

Ordered on 18th of January, i really hope it will arrive this month but reading how it went with Batch 8 this may not happen :upside_down_face: