How many cells is the battery made up of?

The question is pretty much self-explanatory. How many cells are there in the battery? Can I ship the laptop in a parcel?

@Artem_Smirnow the battery is a 4 cell 55WH battery.


Shipping batteries is a complex question. I don’t have any experience with international shipping, but for shipping within the USA:

  • Ground shipping only (no air)
  • Requires a compliant UN3481 sticker (lithium ion batteries contained in equipment)

I’ve shipped laptops with both Fedex and UPS this way without issue. If you were to ship just the battery (not in a laptop), you would need to make sure that the battery contacts were secured / insulated / protected against short-circuits, that the battery was packed securely, and use the UN3480 (lithium ion battery) sticker instead.