How much battery life does the upgrade to 12th gen CPU save?

Hello. I am currently daily driving Ubuntu 21.10 on the 11th gen i5 CPU and I’m getting around 3-4 hours of battery life on just a browser and VSCode. I’m wondering if anyone is on the 12th gen CPUs and can get significantly more battery life, since that is what’s advertised. I’m also wondering if there will be a diffference between the i5 and i7 in terms of battery life. Thanks!

Edit: I just reread and it looks like the 12th gen CPU upgrade kit isn’t released yet.

By whom and from where did you see this from?

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By Framework at this link: Framework.

That’s what I thought.

Read (again): standby battery life

Hello Kevin,

The blog reported on power optimizations in Linux (standby power draw) and much of this was focused on Fedora 36 and Ubuntu 22.04.

12th gen won’t have much of an impact on battery life - on one hand the CPU cores are more power-efficient and there’s improved power management and lower power states, but on the other there are 8 efficiency cores tacked onto each CPU package - one cancels the other out. If the thread scheduler was fully optimized that, when idle, the E cores run everything and the P cores go to a very low power state, that might help. But the thread scheduler is still being worked on and during load the 12 - 16 cores will inevitably put more demand on the battery than the 4 cores of the 11th gen so no, 12th gen should not have any meaningful impact on battery life. It may make it worse, and these optimizations are the only thing preventing it from being drastically worse.

This is not limited to Framework, it’s the nature of 12th gen and all laptop manufacturers are having to deal with it.


First, batch of 12th gen ships in July, I’m sure forum members will post impressions upon delivery but until then, nobody knows the exact details of battery life. There will certainly be a difference between the i7-1280P and the i5-1240P and the i7 has 2 more P-Cores.