How much estimated usage before battery kicks in?

Getting the max spec’d option, 7700S + GPU. If Dave2D’s benchmarks and the userbenchmark GPU estimations are correct, then the FW16 may actually be able to game better than my current 5600XT desktop setup (slightly less performance is also fine, as mobile = better for me); however, I am a bit worried that drawing too much power and consequently causing the battery to drain will put a “timer” on my game / work time. Do we have enough information on the CPU+GPU to know roughly how this would affect the battery life?

Additionally, there should be a way to undervolt the GPU to prevent this from happening until I can snatch up one of those 3rd party 240W adapters that theoretically should show up at some point, yeah?

  1. I recommend against using any Userbenchmark estimates. Their benchmarks provide biased figures, their weighting system induces further bias, and they write unprofessional reviews that slash at AMD at every opportunity.
  2. The CPU draws 45 W, and the GPU draws 100 W. That means the system draws 145 W plus a bit more for the screen, power delivery, cooling, etc. Framework says battery drain will only occur under maximum load with maximum performance settings. These circumstances are unlikely to happen for a long, sustained period.
  3. Hopefully, AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition would allow for undervolting. How much you can undervolt will depend on the silicon lottery.

I’ve heard this before. Is there another site that is more reliable? I’ve tried looking before, but as I haven’t really done much more than upgrade one AMD card to another, I don’t have much experience in finding these things.

Amazing, love it :smiley:

As for undervolting, if it’s rare that I would need that, being that 145 is considerably lower than 180, I may avoid the hassle. Thanks!

Maybe 3DMark.

Not 100% sure how accurate they are, but for notebook parts, I usually check out They seem to have a pretty solid test methodology.

I’ve been correct for saying this once, since framework apparently stated somewhere, that there is a weird edgecase where your FW 16 might actually draw power from the battery while plugged in with the 180W charger. But if that happens, that will only be sustainable for a very short while or your PC has to output a lot of power via USB-C. For gaming you won’t be affected, since the laptop is in no way capable of disipating more than 180W of heat anyway!


If you max out your screen’s brightness at the full 165hz, and are constantly reading/writing to disk, maybe you get another 15-20W of draw. I have a hard time seeing the system itself drawing 185W. I imagine this “peak” condition would be when your gaming, with everything maxed out, and the battery needs to charge, which could pull another 40W easy.

We’ll see for sure when it comes out, but that’s my suspicion.