7700S won't go past 35W

Hi All, I built my Framework 16 last night and popped in my drive from my prior gaming laptop.
Laptop runs fine, I installed all the drivers and everything is good. EXCEPT that the GPU won’t pass 35W.
So performance in games is not very good. It doesn’t matter what power profile I set it on and there are no more settings to adjust in the Radeon Control panel.

I’m on Windows 10 and the GPU is detected and I am selecting it to launch the game on the dGPU.

are you plugged into AC, or are you on battery?

it is physically impossible to draw more than a certain wattage from the battery at any moment - basically every gaming laptop has to throttle the hardware when on battery to account for this.

if you are on battery, plug in the AC adapter and try again.

I am using a charger. Maybe it is a bug because I limited my battery % to 70?
Nothing I do seems to make it want to draw more than 35W.
The charger I am using is not the Framework charger, it is a 140W Plugable charger. However according to HWINFO; the system isn’t hitting anywhere near 140W. 35W on the GPU happens in any game or application; even if the CPU is idle.

do you have the 180w framework charger available to test with?

in theory i see no reason why it shouldnt ramp up the dgpu at least a bit, but idk the implementation specifics

No I don’t have the charger, I didn’t order one when I ordered the laptop originally by mistake.
I am going to order the charger along with an empty shell so I can play with the oculink board when it comes out. Will probably end up using the laptop mostly on Oculink since I don’t actually go places with such a large laptop. This is more for my bedroom downstairs desk.

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Found the thread. I knew it was around here somewhere :smiley:

What are the temperatures? Are the fans spinning up? Drivers from Framework bundle or directly from AMD website?

Your power limits are affected by both the power profile AND the power source.

In AMD Adrenalin, if you go to Performance/Tuning and hover the ? next to “Power Distribution” it will show you the current max TDP. This is affected by your Windows Power Mode setting and the power supply you have connected (or lack thereof).

Changing your Windows Power Mode (note “mode” not “plan”) will cause the TDP to shift pretty drastically: (My examples below are the Total Power limits, but you can see the two individually)

With 180W Power Supply:

High Performance: 120W
Balanced: 95W
Best Power Efficiency: 85W

On Battery:

Best Performance: 60W
Balanced: 50W
Best Power Efficiency: 50W

This is obviously going to have a drastic effect on temperatures and fan loudness. I’m likely going to run on Best Power Efficiency, as I don’t think the extra performance of 120W TDP outweighs the extra temps/loudness.

Additionally, the AMD SmartShift Eco option on the same page will cause your computer to only use the iGPU when you’re on battery, even when in games/etc.

I also tested with a 65w and a 100w power supply, but I don’t have the numbers from that in front of me–but I can definitely say that the different power supplies affected the power limits.

Thanks for the information! It is showing my current Maximum as 52W.
I have a 140W power supply and my laptop is plugged in. So basically my laptop isn’t exceeding the battery max power even when it is plugged into the wall…

I have to say the laptop is really stupid fast with even this 50W limit. The power efficiency of this platform is literally incredible. However on the GPU side of things… it needs more than 42W max on the CPU to really survive.

Also are you on Windows 10 or Windows 11? I personally am on Windows 10 as I refuse to use Windows 11. Eventually without a shift from Microsoft; I will just stop using Windows all together.