How much Watt consumes each Fan of the 16" version?

Is there any information, how much watt this fan consumes ? I know it depends on the rpm, but that would also be interesting. So how much does it use on how much rpm ? Is there a datasheet?

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The documentation for the expansion bay indicates that it supports up to 12V 0.75A (9W) as the maximum total that it has allocated across both fans.

Photos from Framework show that the Expansion Bay Shell’s fans have labels indicating 12V 0.5A (6W) each, although I don’t believe those numbers. The same has been shown by photos from The Verge.

Photos shared by The Verge show that the Graphics Module’s fans have labels indicating 12V 0.15A (1.8W) each, which seems plausible at maximum RPM. Framework has shared photos of the Graphics Module, although afaik none of those are high enough quality to read the label.