How to convert the Input Cover Kit to a secondary and external keyboard?


In my goal to have a better posture with the FW ( A better posture with the framework (is FW keyboard could be used in usb/serial/bluetooth ? ) ), I would like to known if someone can give me some informations to known if it’s possible to convert the « Input Cover Kit » from the Marketplace to an secondary external keyboard/touchpad please?

The connector on the motherboard is a Amphenol 10156000-051100LF connector ( Mainboard/ at main · FrameworkComputer/Mainboard · GitHub )

I don’t known if an adapter exists to be connected in USB / serial / Bluetooth… and this may be require some specific drivers developments.

As FW said in a blog article they work with Lite-ON manufacturer for the keyboard, I also tried to find the same keyboard to sell by Lite-ON, but without success.

Any help / informations is appreciated :slight_smile:

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IF you just want to reuse the input cover kit there is already an untested design, but if I’m reading it right, you want to find a new keyboard and trackpad, which is correct?

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Ideally I would like to buy the Input Cover Kit and permit me to connect it like a secondary / external keyboard ( and if possible a second touchpad too )
If there is a solution, it’s pretty cool ! If there is no solution, I’ll search a very close design/mechanism/layout keyboard/touchpad to reduce mistyping when I switch from internal laptop keyboard and to the external one.

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Just saying, but given how unlikely it is to find a solution to what you have described, you might be better just using a random cardboard box to elevate the FW so that the screen faces you without you having to look down, and buy an extenal, egonomic keyboard.

As far as reducing mistyping goes, once you learn how to use the external (ergonomic) keyboard, you can still use the default FW keyboard layout without problem.
Currenlty daily driving this Charybdis ergonomic keyboard at the university lab, this ErgoDash at the company office, and still able to use the FW laptop keyboard while on the go without mistyping.

Again, just a personal (and unsolicited :sweat_smile: : ) opinion, but if you are worried about posture and more generally ergonomics, you are better off finding a better keyboard alltogether.

Best of luck.

Any chance you could share the link ?
Thanks in advance for your time.

@dosssman Thank for your advice, but as I’m coding ~12 hours per day, if the 2 keyboards doesn’t have a very close layout/size/sensation/mechanism, it’s really irritating and annoying, it’s why I search a solution to have exactly the same keyboard :slight_smile:

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Just found this message Reusing Keyboard after Replacement - #8 by DHowett from @DHowett ! I’ve just tried to reach @Arya per DM :slight_smile:


You can try doing that, but it is going to quite a mess. Why don’t you use an external monitor, and just keep your laptop closer to you?

Btw, I read your post, but this won’t be a lot cheaper.

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@prepaidpyramid I explain it in my initial thread about finding the best solution for me to have a good posture. The screen is not ideal, because I’ll surely not found the exact same resolution / ratio screen, and it’s annoying to configure each time my development tools and configuration each time I move from my house with the laptop, above all in my case ( GNU/Linux Fedora / Gnome / Wayland without a decent fractional scaling supported ).
And having 2 screens under my eyes isn’t the best usecase for me I think.

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