A better posture with the framework (is FW keyboard could be used in usb/serial/bluetooth ? )

All laptops are bad for our posture, and as I have back problems, I search the best idea to use my framework in a good posture.

The recommended posture is to have the screen in front of the eyes without moving down the head, and the keyboard under the hand with 90 degree elbows. Most laptops on the market create the same problem, excepted those where we can detach the keyboard from the screen.

I hope one day FrameWork will have this kind of solution, but for now I search the best adaptation.

The first idea is to buy a second monitor to install it in front of the eyes. It’s may be the easier solution, but this cost money, consume a lot more energy, and above all it’s mean it’s change my habits and tools configuration each time I need to move elsewhere with just my laptop (reconfigure my IDE, fractional scaling or font-size … )

The second idea is to buy an external keyboard, and to install the framework laptop in front of my eyes. Less expansive, less energy lost, but I suppose like most of developers, I don’t like to switch from one keyboard to another one if it’s not exactly the same size/layout/position/mechanism of keys.

So, I thinking about opening the framework, buying an bigger Touchpad Cable (or an extension if it’s exists), to permit to keep the framework in front of my eyes and the keyboard on my desk. This also mean I need to create a sort of support of the keyboard in the 4 corners to be stable. The problem of this solution are multiple, not sure to find a bigger/extension touchpad cable, to stabilize correctly the keyboard and also it’s not very useful when I need to move outside to switch to the normal laptop configuration.

My final idea, is to buy another framework keyboard, and to transform it to be used like an external keyboard. So the layout will be exactly the same, but I have no idea of if it’s possible to connect it to the laptop in usb/serial/bluetooth mode with some adaptations.

Thank you in advance for your interests and help!

this sounds like the better idea to me. Having an opening into the internals where something could spill…just doesn’t appeal to my thinking. Plus experimenting on a spare keyboard means you don’t run the risk of damaging the one you have already.

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I doesn’t have enough knowledge in hardware to known how I could connect a new FrameWork external keyboard to the laptop. Do you known if a sort of adapter from touchpad cable to usb exists?

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This was the solution back then…now something can be implemented over bluetooth if needed:

Today, isn’t there a laptop out there with a built-in detachable keyboard? I remember coming across one just a couple of weeks ago.

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Yes the idea of this built-in detachable keyboard is really useful.
There is on the market some hybrid laptop with detachable keyboard, like the Asus Transformer (still in x86).

If FrameWork company saw this post, this could be an idea to propose a usb or bluetooth adapter to attach to their current Touchpad cable!

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Ah…it was an old laptop…the Asus ROG Mothership