How to introduce a Lithium battery to a headless mobo + 3d printed case

I am hoping to upgrade my mobo, move the existing mobo to the 3d printed case on your github site, and ensure the mobo is protected with a battery such as LiFePO4 USB-C PD connection.

Is the mobo able to smart-charge such a battery? What external battery would you recommend using? I’m hoping to do Bitcoin/Lightning/Radix DLT validation with a redundant USB-C wired + USB cell stick network.


Why not just use a UPS? I’m a little confused why you would want to attach a battery to the battery connection when power from mains is available with redundancy via UPS.


Is the battery you suggest cheaper than the original one from the laptop? It should cost €65 when it’s available.

I do like me a nice UPS, but perhaps the idle consumption of a UPS is a bit high for a laptop as it’s only protected load.

I think most of us in the creator space are waiting for some parts to be easily available in order to solidify the measurements of something like a battery in a 3d printed case. There are a couple threads that introduce interesting concepts and promote the creation of a DIY battery case. Until a few more laptops have been shipped and the first batteries go up on the Marketplace for sale, it seems we are at an impasse. Good luck on your search!

How high is a bit high?..and what’s consuming that power to make it into the ‘a bit high’ category?

…because it does depend on the UPS model and capabilities:


Id say anything above 5-10% of the battery capacity per hour is “high”, so maybe 5-10 watts. Definitely workable, but in addition to the idle consumption of the motherboard, a UPS isnt necessarily the best solution.

Whenever spare batteries become available, Id say theres no reason to not do both :joy:

Anybody know when they’ll have the batteries for sale? I’d like to do a desktop PC in the 3D printed case but with a battery for redundancy. Sounds like that isn’t possible right now?


@GhostLegion Like this one?

@Cody_Harrison yep, pretty much like that

@GhostLegion any chance you know of a smaller one? I would just need a single outlet, and I’m hoping this whole set up can be somewhat mobile.

Would this work similarly? It has two directional charging

Then you do want a battery. If it was just going to stay in the one spot then a UPS would serve the purpose fine. If it’s going to be carried around then that’s just a laptop lol.

I don’t need it to be nearly as portable as a laptop, but I may want to move it around here and there.