How to LED Matrix Modul

I have a question. I have two matrix modules installed in my Framework 16. I have now downloaded the ledmatrix_modul_win program. There, I can make various settings. Unfortunately, the module turns off automatically after about 15 seconds.

I have done some research but can’t find anything useful. I have now downloaded the Arduino IDE but can’t find any instructions on how to implement everything or how to send specific commands to the two boards.

Could you provide me with a guide or tell me how I should proceed?


Looks like a bad product or a bad connection? If you can’t figure anything out, try framework support!

Sure, it seems really challenging because when I click “wakeup” in the program, the modules come online immediately, but after about 15 seconds, they fade out and turn off.

Thats true, but with the arduino you can connect on an rpi device

Deleted, sorry.