Led programmer doesnt work for me

https://ledmatrix.frame.work/ doesn’t work for me. I have paired the Led Matrices in Chrome, but they are showing as disconnected. They do work at first boot. Anyone else?

I wonder if this is a permissions issue, which OS are you using? And maybe can you share a screenshot of the page ? Are they only paired or are they also connected?

Fresh install today of LTS 22.04 Ubuntu. Chrome screenshot attached.

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I am no Linux expert, and I’m absolutely not sure if this is the issue here, but I think you need to connect them one by one so they can be functional. For example, you need to click on the “Connect Left” button on the web page, on the popup message you need to choose the input module ( you can see both here) and then you need to click on connect, the webpage should say “Connected” afterwards, instead of disconnected.

This might help: GitHub - FrameworkComputer/inputmodule-rs: Framework Laptop 16 Input Module SW/FW

As soon as I click connect left or right, then connect in the pop up, they both come up paired but not connected.

Same behaviour on offline version.

I see, in this case, I’m assuming it’s a Linux thing, will wait for others to chime in!

So I have inputmodule-control_cli_linux_v0.1.8.7 but don’t know how to run that (./inputmodule-control_cli_linux_v0.1.8.7 doesn’t work, permission denied), and the link to the mentioned python script is a 404. Suspect I might have to chmod it, waiting on guidance now.

Sounds like your user does not have the necessary privileges? Can you list what groups you’re in?
You can grab this via a simple groups $USER
Maybe try running the script under root as well.

I’m in adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin lxd sambashare

Issue 1. https://ledmatrix.frame.work doesnt work

Issue 2. Cant run ./inputmodule-control_cli_linux_v0.1.8.7, nor with sudo

Issue 3, new, can’t pip install inputmodule either ( do I need to download it from github, sorry)

python3 -m pip install inputmodule
Defaulting to user installation because normal site-packages is not writeable
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement inputmodule (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for inputmodule

emma@emmas-laptop:~/Downloads$ sudo ./inputmodule-control_cli_linux_v0.1.8.7
sudo: ./inputmodule-control_cli_linux_v0.1.8.7: command not found
emma@emmas-laptop:~/Downloads$ ls
dotmatrixtool-usbserial inputmodule-control_cli_linux_v0.1.8.7

Do I need to chmod inputmodule first?

Found this

running sudo usermod -a -G uucp $(whoami)

Did not help on the web interface

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Check that you followed the “linux permissions” steps on this page: GitHub - FrameworkComputer/inputmodule-rs: Framework Laptop 16 Input Module SW/FW

The steps in the post you liked were for the group that I had to add to in arch, which is different than on ubuntu (I can’t remember the ubuntu group offhand, will update if I find it).

I don’t even know how to install it, what am i dealing with, with the command line app. And if I do

emma@emmas-laptop:~/Downloads$ sudo cp release/50-framework-inputmodule.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
cp: cannot stat ‘release/50-framework-inputmodule.rules’: No such file or directory

I know they were for arch, but I thought that the udev rules might be similar.

My apologies, that command assumes that you had cloned the release to your local machine. You can find the contents of the file in that repo here: inputmodule-rs/release/50-framework-inputmodule.rules at main · FrameworkComputer/inputmodule-rs · GitHub

OK finally got the command line app working last night. No idea if I needed the Udev rules but the web app doesn’t work for me.

chmod +x inputmodule-control_cli_linux_v0.1.8.7

sudo ./inputmodule-control_cli_linux_v0.1.8.7 led-matrix --clock

sudo ./inputmodule-control_cli_linux_v0.1.8.7 led-matrix --pattern gradient

Its a bit frustrating that this was so hard.

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Heres the commands one can use

Usage: inputmodule-control_cli_linux_v0.1.8.7 led-matrix [OPTIONS]

–brightness []
Set LED max brightness percentage or get, if no value provided
–sleeping []
Set sleep status or get, if no value provided [possible values: true, false]
Jump to the bootloader
Display a percentage (0-100)
–animate []
Start/stop animation [possible values: true, false]
Display a pattern [possible values: percentage, gradient, double-gradient, lotus-sideways, zigzag, all-on, panic, lotus-top-down]
Show every brightness, one per pixel
Blink the current pattern once a second
Breathing brightness of the current pattern
–image-bw <IMAGE_BW>
Display black&white image (9x34px)
–image-gray <IMAGE_GRAY>
Display grayscale image
Random EQ
EQ with custom values
Display a string (max 5 chars)
–symbols […]
Display a string (max 5 symbols)
–start-game <START_GAME>
Start a game [possible values: snake, pong, tetris, game-of-life]
–game-param <GAME_PARAM>
Paramater for starting the game. Required for some games [possible values: current-matrix, pattern1, blinker, toad, beacon, glider, beacon-toad-blinker]
Stop the currently running game
–animation-fps [<ANIMATION_FPS>]
Set/get animation FPS
–pwm-freq [<PWM_FREQ>]
Set/get PWM Frequency in Hz
–debug-mode [<DEBUG_MODE>]
Set debug mode or get current mode, if no value provided [possible values: true, false]
Crash the firmware (TESTING ONLY!)
-v, --version
Get the device version
-h, --help

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Udev rules for arch should work on ubuntu (although not the other way round since debian and derivatives like to reference groups such as plugdev that dont exist on other distros in their udev rules)

The issue you are having suggests you got the path to the downloaded file wrong. Try running curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FrameworkComputer/inputmodule-rs/main/release/50-framework-inputmodule.rules | sudo tee /etc/udev/rules.d/50-framework-inputmodule.rules to install the rules file, and then (assuming that this worked) reboot your computer to reload the rules and disconnect/reconnect the modules.

Running things as root (e.g. with sudo) will bypass the need for udev rules in most cases, since device files are owned by root by default (and if they are not, root usually bypasses file permissions anyway). However, it is not recommended since it increases the impact of vulnerabilities in the application you are running as root. I would suggest trying to install the udev rules if possible.

Added the rules with curl, now get

emma@emmas-laptop:~/Downloads$ ./inputmodule-control_cli_linux_v0.1.8.7 led-matrix --random-eq
thread ‘main’ panicked at ‘Permission denied, couldn’t access inputmodule serialport. Ensure that you have permission, for example using a udev rule or sudo.’, inputmodule-control/src/inputmodule.rs:407:80
note: run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 environment variable to display a backtrace

EDIT- tried again - working without sudo. Thankyou.

Edit - this has fixed the web version as well. Awesome.

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