How to pick the RAM? Single or Dual?

I’m going for the Framework DIY, and trying to decide what RAM I should select. I’ll probably go for 32GB, but not sure if I should do 1x32GB or 2x16GB. What are the pros and cons of doing 1 vs 2 RAM sticks?

2 sticks of ram, and therefore dual channel, will get you better performance, especially with graphics, because of the increased bandwidth. The only reason I’d go 1x32 is if you intend to add another 32GB stick later.


Agreed with Nich, I would recommend dual sticks. However, there is a chance that a single stick of RAM will also marginally improve battery life. I wouldn’t expect anything more than a handful of minutes longer though, it’s really not much. The bigger impact to your battery life (when it comes to RAM) will come from using slower RAM speeds.