Is the "Performance" SKU using dual channel RAM?

I ordered the performance edition for the first batch of delivery and I cannot determine from my order page if the laptop will come with 2x8 gb DIMMs or a single 16gb DIMM.

I saw on notebookcheck that there is about a 15% to 20% performance dip on intel xe using a single stick rather than dual so I would like to order another dimm from somewhere before it arrives if it only uses a single stick.

That depends on which option you chose, the cheaper option comes with one DIMM, and the more expensive one comes with two.

$94 for one, $98 for two.

I don’t think those options were available for the non-diy edition of the framework. In hindsight I should have picked the diy edition :frowning:

I never looked at the pre-assembled option, so I didn’t know they had fewer configuration options. They should probably update that to note how many RAM modules are included, I don’t see it in the FAQ.

If it only comes with one ram module, you could always get another one and slide it into the system as long as it doesn’t exceed the 64GB maximum. That’s all that makes it dual channel is the 2 memory modules.

I agree that it should be added to FAQ or specs page.

I know I can upgrade it later, beauty of the framework, but I would like to order parts ahead of time if I can :slight_smile:

@Anthony_Powell the performance sku comes with 2 dimms of ram to use both channels.


We have it at the bottom of the Product Page here: Framework | Framework Laptop - Now in stock!

Agreed that we can definitely add it to additional spots for clarity.

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