Huge kudos to your team!

Every time I see an update I’m more excited!

The concept of being able to buy the machine I can afford and update it as my needs increase rather than overextending financially or being forced to create more electronic waste… this is the first laptop that has made me want to leave the Apple ecosystem (for Linux).

Not only better for the environment but also helping to reduce the growing digital divide between people struggling financially (caveat being we haven’t seen pricing yet) - great job Framework Team!

p.s. hoping to see and SD reader module soon. :smile:


Hi @Michael_Richards! Thanks for the kind words and welcome :grinning:

We do have a microSD expansion card, which supports the latest UFS standard as well as UHS-I. the UFS standard is a big leap in performance over UHS-I, so it is a great option for downloading large videos/photos from digital cameras that support UFS cards quickly.


Yes, one thing I appreciate about the micro SD is that it will work very well with devices like Raspberry Pi, phones, action cams… The photographer in me craves a full-size SD slot… But super used to using dongles.

Again just really appreciate where you are going with pushing devices into being maintained. Would frankly love it if companies like OM Digital solutions would follow suit - dropping a new sensor into a camera body would be so much better than replacing a camera… Hoping for your success to lead the way.


Exactly! I love this concept a lot. This is gonna be a huge success if they manage to keep up with orders and tech support.

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