Hypothesis: Framework Inc. acquisition

Considering how things are going for Framework Inc., it is likely that other companies may want to acquire it. This acquisition may have two objectives:

  1. Growth: expand Framework and its market-share.
  2. Elimination: take control of the company to kill it.

I do not know how things work in this field; e.g. if you have two offers from two buyers, can you pick the one proposing a better path for the future even if the price is lower? Or who offers more automatically wins?

Can the company being acquired put some clauses that the buyer must stick to, and would they be effective in reality?

Would it be possible (or useful) to turn Framework from an Incorporated company into something like a foundation?

I know you are all busy in the final stages of production of your revolutionary laptop, but there are things which may happen without notice.

If Framework were publicly traded, there would be some legal responsibility for Framework management to make the best financial decision for their shareholders, although what’s best is generally up to the people making the decision (i.e. saying we’ll take the lower amount with a from a friendly buyer because it’s better in the long run somehow).

But since Framework is a private company, that doesn’t apply. The owners of Framework can accept or reject any offer they want, for pretty much any reason they want.

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