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Hi there ! Is there a way for investors to bring capital to this company ? Retail investors or other type of investors ? I really like the company and the path that they have embarked and i would like to see this company succeed.


Not any time soon, but thanks for the interest!


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Is it true that Linus Sebastian of LTT invested in your company? If so, how much(rough estimate?

@Dhon_Buenaventura he ultimately decided against it after polling his viewers and getting no clear ‘yes’ from them.

I’m pretty sure Linus actually mentioned on the most recent WAN Show that he ultimately did invest. A video with his thoughts is forthcoming.


The video has landed: I’m Legally Obligated to Disclose This - YouTube

He also says exactly how much the investment cost him, sadly it’s roughly twice what I would be willing to risk on Framework… That said, if the people at Framework were interested in that I would seriously consider investing!

I want to mention that making money off investing is far lower priority to me than seeing Framework succeed!

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I would love to invest. I am 100% this company. When the open it up, will be one of the first to buy!

Is their a way for me to personally invest in this compony or buy shares because I love what this compony stands for and it’s practices with modular laptops.

Yep, interested in this…

Hi there,
I’m not a client of, just because you don’t have ryzen options and because you don’t sell in Italy but I really like what you do and I would like to invest on your company too.

So, please