I need to buy more modules

Framework up and running win 10 OK so far - 8/2/2021

I’d like to buy some additional modules I didn’t realize I’d need:

  • 2x USB A
  • 2x UBB C
  • 2x micro SD
  • 1x Lan

How to do?

Check out the Pre-order FAQ here.

How do I add or remove item from my pre-order?

(How do I add or remove items from my pre-order?)

June 7 2021 6:46am

If you’d like to add or remove a single item like an Expansion Card or some other accessory from your pre-order you can email support@frame.work

You will probably have to wait for the Marketplace to be established.

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Sorry Datadumb, The preorder instructions are not going to help after it arrives, which it already has.

PS - windows 11 works great.

Edward got it. We’re standing up the Marketplace soon to enable individual module purchases. If you have an urgent need in the near term, definitely feel free to reach out to our support team and we’ll manually process the order.