I will buy the Framework laptop when a DVORAK keyboard is available

A Dvorak keyboard module is on our roadmap. The keyboard is replaceable, so you can swap at any point.


same here but looking for colemak instead


Workman for me. I know the keyboard will be swapable (I’m planning on grabbing one of the blank ones personally), but will it be possible to swap the keycaps on the initial keyboard? I know on some low profile keyboards that’s not really a thing you can do, or if you can it’s highly likely that you’ll break the switch trying to remove the cap.


I think that this post requesting a QMK configurable keyboard for the Framework Laptop might tie into this topic nicely: A QMK configurable keyboard


Great news! Do you also think about other layout? Like bépo (french dvorak)?


In general as we’re able to continue growing the community of people using Framework Laptops, it will get easier for us to develop and manufacture new layouts. We basically need to be able to sell a few hundred of any one design for it to work out.


@nrp Is there a way to be informed when a desired layout is available? Iʼll get a bépo keyboard as soon as possible.

@nrp it would be great to get an ortholinear option in the future as well, perhaps even with a split spacebar.


@Isaac_Lyons That would be too convenient, lol. Seriously though, I would absolutely buy into an ortho keyboard for my framework laptop if a grid option were available.

@nrp Is the Dvorak keyboard a hard-wired kb or is it just using the Dvorak keycap layout?

As it is, I’m currently using the clear keyboard and loving the hell out of it! =D

I would love a Thinkpad-style keyboard with dedicated page up/dn, home/end, ins/del, and volume keys. Smaller touchpad and physical mouse buttons would be really sweet too!

It might be easier just to do a blank keyboard module. If people are using exotic keyboard layouts presumably they are touch-typing.

They already have that, though.

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I did wonder, even as I typed it! Problem solved, then :smiley:

Even better: they have a blank black, and they have a transparent blank. So not just one, but two options! :smiley:


I can’t +1 this enough! Dvorak is the keyboard layout for professionals, it’s shocking how much of a speed boost you can get by using Dvorak vs QWERTY, even if you’re a proficient QWERTY typist. I still plan to buy a Notebook later in the year, but knowing a DVORAK keyboard is in the works just gold plates the reasons I’ll buy into this line.

Isn’t it possible to a) rename the keys and reprogramme them.

A bit of a pain maybe, so I cans see a reason to wait if the general notion of the Framework is not important enough to support. :slight_smile:

Most OSes let you manually select a keyboard layout. So no, do t manually reprogram :slight_smile: get a stealth keyboard and set it to the layout you want! 10 minute project.

The only complication is if you require it be Dvorak AND backlit.

Hey all :wave:
For the ones in need of a Dvorak keyboard, have you considered learning to touch type? :slight_smile:

I’m using a Dvorak US layout for more than 10 years and as I directly learned it by touch typing, I just buy laptops with a standard QWERTY keyboard.

That way I’m never stuck with vendors that don’t provide custom keyboards. And icing on the cake, my colleagues can pair-program on my laptop, I just need to switch back to the QWERTY layout.

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Same here, except with Colemak.

That being said, I’d like to try out Colemak-DH but, for proper key arrangement, it requires the ISO standard type of keyboard that isn’t sold in North America (where I’m located) where there’s an additional key to the lower-left of “A” that is directly to the right of the left shift.


So a Colemak-DH ISO standard physical keyboard would be swell!

(you can technically use Colemak-DH on a North American-style ANSI keyboard but that variant moves the “Z” key to where “B” is located and, as someone that uses Ctrl+Z quite often, I’d prefer to not make that specific keyboard shortcut a pain to use - especially since I have small hands)

(it is slightly amusing though that, as shown by “Onboard” using the Colemak-DH ISO on my ANSI keyboard does result in two backslash keys)

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Considering that keycaps can be re-arranged, it would probably be efficient to simply sell the two bumped keycaps for a given layout (U & H for Dvorak, etc.) and flat F & J keycaps as opposed to an entire keyboard. And for more popular layouts such as Dvorak, whole keyboards for those who don’t want to risk it with their keycaps would also be good :slight_smile: