I will buy the Framework laptop when a DVORAK keyboard is available

That is all. Long have I applied acrylic pants to my keyboards and done without backlighting. I hope Framework will be my escape from that.

I already purchased one, but major +1. Dvorak is amazing and increases typing speed by a lot.

Have you considered a keycap puller?

A Dvorak keyboard module is on our roadmap. The keyboard is replaceable, so you can swap at any point.


same here but looking for colemak instead

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Workman for me. I know the keyboard will be swapable (I’m planning on grabbing one of the blank ones personally), but will it be possible to swap the keycaps on the initial keyboard? I know on some low profile keyboards that’s not really a thing you can do, or if you can it’s highly likely that you’ll break the switch trying to remove the cap.

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I think that this post requesting a QMK configurable keyboard for the Framework Laptop might tie into this topic nicely: A QMK configurable keyboard