If you haven't ordered yet, what's holding you back?

Awaiting an off-the-peg unorthodox keyboard module. I would prefer the Atreus but any ortholinear, columnar staggered or other ergonomic design being available commercially would demonstrate any latent demand for alternative formats that might lead to bigger things.


TL,DR: 15" screen

I’m looking to buy a new laptop very soon - but my hand gets squished on small form factors. So I won’t buy the framework until it comes with a bigger screen.

15" is preferable, but I could do 14-16" if that was what was left. 13.5" is just too small.

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Three things hold me back now.

I’d love a ryzen based version as multithreaded performance is more valuable to me day to day for the work I do. A hybrid archetecture would likely decrease my performance. AMD also tends to keep their chips cooler, but that’s not much of a concern for me.

I need at least a 15.6" screen, but 17.3" would be preferrable.

I need a numpad. I practically live off them for my CAD work.

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I am still waiting for PayPal or Klarna as payment methods in Germany.

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Holding me back:
-Non-Glossy Screen
-13/14th gen i7s - I got interested in Framework mid-cycle and want the latest

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Started looking deeper into this after my trusty XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 (4k OLED, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD) left fan failed, and it’s somewhat of a struggle to get parts quickly for it. Shipping from China takes forever.

Made me realize all this “soldered on-board” can be a business risk.

But what’s holding me back

  • I found spare cooling system parts for XPS 13, so it’s likely I can fix it.
  • no OLED screen option (touch not necessary, for me) - once you go OLED, you don’t go back
  • no “infinity edge” screen bezel option (even for IPS) - can’t look at large bottom bezels anymore
  • Linux suspend power draw issues I still see being actively tracked
  • some reviews say fans have only “off, or loud” mode - scared of getting “loud” too often

First time poster, long time lurker because…I just don’t need a new laptop right now. As soon as I do though…

That said, I could be easily convinced if they offer a touch screen. That is the one feature I don’t enjoy the privilege of anywhere in my fleet of personal computers. Meanwhile, I refurbish PC’s for charity and every time I do a touchscreen laptop I get sooo jealous!

Throw in an AMD APU and I’d even preorder.


Same as @lkraav, I need some decent OLED display panel that I could buy and install. Either 13" or 16" AMD frame.work with a proper OLED would check the boxes!

I realize it is out of frame.work’s control entirely, but some push for disabling the PSP (AMD’s management engine) or at least verifying its ability to backdoor us would be highly prized - and even a novelty today. Basically all usable CPUs today have a “security through obscurity” designed inner CPU with full access to registers and memory, and who knows if it could be access removely - but perhaps visiting the right website with the right javascript could trigger some invisible hook in your management engine to offer remote access, or similar. Somehow virtually everyone with influence in the CompSec community is defensive of “security via obscurity” when it comes to the management engines we’re not allows to audit, and which operate entirely transparenty from our OSs point-of-view.

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You may delete my post now. I’ve preordered the AMD 13, but after a day of thinking about it, I may cancel in favor of a 16 when the final details come out for that. Either way, I’m in, and I’ll just wait for a touchscreen to get rolled out and swap that in. I’m such a pushover…

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With the latest announcement of the amd-powered offering, as well as the upcoming larger form factor (not to mention the possibility of upgradeable graphics, which is not something I knew I wanted, but now very much would like to have), I’m very much on the edge for jumping in.

The only thing holding me back at this point is a lack of trackpoint (with left-click, scroll, and right-click buttons) option. I’ve used only thinkpad laptops for nearly 2 decades primarily due to their trackpoint (with everything else about them being “good enough”). It is an essential part of my workflow since I frequently switch from keyboard to mouse and back. A touchpad just doesn’t cut it and generally either interferes with typing, or doesn’t work soon enough after typing, or both. Not to mention applications where one is expected to be able to use both at the same time (like many video games where camera angle is adjusted with the mouse while moving around is handled by wasd).

An external mouse could solve some issues, but not all. In the end it’s better than a touchpad, but not as usable as the trackpoint, and would also require additional packing/unpacking when I’m moving around (which I do frequently for work).

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OLED is kind of the only major thing remaining now, though it’d have to be glossy if not at least “semi-gloss” like LG uses on their OLED TVs since traditional matte coating results in elevated black levels on OLED during the day.

I would really like to have a Pluton-less AMD chip, but I think I could at least settle for a CoreBoot-enabled one with Pluton present but disabled. Intel graphics are simply not an option for my use-case at this time.

Also, ECC would be awesome, but it’s not something that would prevent me since the existing systems that a Framework would replace currently do not use ECC either (though that’s mainly due to Intel’s product segmentation).

An AirJet would be super cool as well (pun!) since I’m OCD about fan noise, but I’m so OCD in that department already that I’ve minimal qualms about even running CPUs passively (which works better than you’d expect if you’re only using a couple of cores).


@NM64 I don’t know about Linux Mint/Cinnamon but KDE has an option to have scaling for Xorg applications set by either the system or the application. Do neither of those options work for you?

@GhostLegion It’s difficult to tell from your short post, but it sounds to me like your talking about DPI scaling.

I’m talking about full screen scaling, e.g. when you set your desktop resolution to something that does not match the native resolution of your display, particularly when using a different aspect ratio (e.g. 1024x768 on a 1920x1080 display).

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@NM64 Yep, DPI scaling. My bad.

I’m not entirely sure why people want OLED, having compared Framework’s screen to OLED’s before, the colors on Framework’s screen actually look more vibrant, albeit the blacks are worse in dimly lit areas. Framework, having a high end IPS panel, has an exceptional contrast ratio of 1500:1.
I get “wanting” an OLED panel, but avoiding the Framework laptop due to it not being an option seems like a strange choice considering the quality of the panel!


@Shiroudan For me personally, it is about the possibility of HDR and the pixel-perfect dimming zones. Yes, I want those perfect blacks too. It hasn’t stopped me from buying a laptop but I would :100: jump on that upgrade. Plus the response times of OLED cannot be beat by any IPS or VA panel (TN panels are trash and should just die already, I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise).


@GhostLegion Agree, TN should definitely be a part of the past by now…

@SlashFuture Did you see that LTT video on that 500hz panel? One of the comparisons was a (new!) TN panel. I about lost my mind when I saw it. When IPS screens can do 240hz and OLED has better response times than any conventional panel and can at least do 120hz. Why the hell would I suffer the crappy color, contrast and viewing angles that TN forces me to suffer when I can get most of the benefit of TN with none of the downside? WHO MAKES THAT CHOICE, THEY ANGER ME.


@GhostLegion I didn’t actually, but having used TN screens on cheaper computers in the past, it’s way nicer to have an IPS screen on the Framework… I still have yet to actually look at an OLED screen with my own eyes, so unfortunately I don’t have much to say about them…

What phone do you have? Odds are good it’s OLED. Pretty much all iPhones since the iPhone X have been OLED except for the iPhone XR and 11 and SE. On the Android front, only the cheapest Androids don’t get OLED I think. Samsung A51 and above get OLED I think. All Pixel phones have been OLED I think. Not sure about others.

Once you go OLED, you don’t go backwards if you can help it. This phone had the most gorgeous screen. I had taken a photo of some fall leaves while sitting on a bench looking up at an ice cream shop. That photo looked so stunning I made it my wallpaper. I still miss that phone. If Windows Phone was still getting support, I’d being using it. That platform was so underrated.