If you haven't ordered yet, what's holding you back?

Now that the keyboard and touchpad will be easily removable modules on the upcoming Framework 16, if Framework doesn’t do a trackpoint, someone else will. I bet someone will drop-in an actual Thinkpad keyboard with trackpoint.

@NM64 Exactly, and these AMD CPUs all natively support ECC, just no laptop motherboards do :frowning:

Hopefully, but for the time being I can’t justify getting one only to continue using my older laptop to effectively get things done. I’d happily get one the first day that becomes available. Heck, if there’s a bounty or something to help make it worthwhile for someone to make that a reality, I’d love to contribute some funds.

Still waiting for the Dvorak keyboard.

I live in Malaysia, a country with a larger population than Australia AND a higher percentage of Desktop users per capita (which means that we’d potentially be a bigger market than Australia in terms of absolute and per capita numbers) as well as a population that really gets behind the ‘use it till it’s broke’ philosophy. To top it all off, Malaysia is central to all trade routes between East and West, which makes us easy to ship/export to.

I hope Framework will give further consideration to Malaysia as a potential country for release :slight_smile:


I really hope the 16 model could be upgraded to include a keyboard with a trackpoint.


How do you know that Framework hasn’t looked into it as a potential, and that it’s just taking them a lot of time to get everything in place in order to officially support it? None of us know what Framework is doing behind the scenes, so it’s a little rude to just assume that they aren’t doing something just because they haven’t SAID they are looking into it.


Trackpoint - I ned laptops with trackpoint.


Sounds a community mod for a custom keyboard with a trackpoint should be worked on! Would that replace your trackpad entirely? You should put a drawing tablet or some sort of display down there!

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I’m waiting on them to create a 2-in-1 form factor (or at least the option for a touchscreen). I know it’s not particularly necessary for everyone, but I use the form factor for my work all the time.

All the specs and capabilties look great, but that’s a large hurdle to get past.


Still waiting for the Dvorak keyboard.

This can be accomplished within the OS and using stickers on the keys.


I want a Chromebook, and was anxiously awaiting last week’s announcements. To my disappointment, it was as if the Chromebook edition didn’t exist. Yes, I could install the 61Wh battery, matte screen, and new hinges, but I’d end up with considerable extra hardware, and would still be on a 12th generation processor.

@Azure , I apologize for offending you, and have edited my post :slight_smile:


I appreciate it! I hope my post didn’t come off too angry, but I’ve been on the forums for a while and have seen many baseless assumptions, so I try to let people know that Framework really is a competent company, but just have to do a lot of work in the background before they can announce things to us!

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No one needs a fancy, expensive and powerful Chromebook. Even Google realised that in the end. No matter how much power you throw at ChromeOS it will never make much difference.

Expensive Chromebooks are a waste of money. Trust me I’ve tried.

I’ve been using forums and BBSs since the 1980s, and am quite familiar with the unfortunate dynamic of person B telling person A that what person A says he or she wants (or needs) is wrong.

Only rarely is there a sound basis for this. Far more often than not, person B hasn’t made the effort to fully understand person A’s situation or to see the matter from person A’s perspective, and therefore doesn’t make a helpful suggestion.

This is one of those latter instances.

Suffice it to say that my goal is not to buy a fancy or expensive Chromebook; it is to buy a computer that satisfies a certain list of features and characteristics. And when I apply my critera to the computers available on the market, the Framework Chromebook ranks very high up there.


And mostly likey so would a $500 one in the long run. I was speaking from my own past expereince. Everything that glitters is not gold, especially when it comes to Chromebooks and ChromeOS. It’s a hamstrung environment. You can throw all the fancy hardware you want at it and you’ll still hit the same limits and brickwalls.

People all get too excited over the latest and greatest. But it’s your money at the end of the day.

But a $500 one isn’t repairable is it?

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It would certainly be fair for you to say that based on your experience, you believe that most people would be satisfied with a $500 Chromebook. And I believe you would be correct to conclude that.

But it’s incorrect to extrapolate that into presuming that that a $500 Chromebook would fit my (or anyone’s) particular needs without delving into what those needs are.

I’ve actually designed computers in my lifetime, so feel pretty confident in my conclusion.


If you think spending another $500 to get it possibly repairable is value for money then fine.

Still a lot to spend on a Chromebook. And the upgrades just add extra cost over the $500 machine that wasnt upgradable. It’s still spending more money for little longterm benefit.

Just saying…be wary about fancy Chromebooks.