Improving sound of FW 13" AMD


I’m a happy new owner of 13" AMD model. All is working just as expected and I wanted to share my experience improving audio quality. There are two great tools for that: HiFiScan to capture corrections and EasyEffects running as a service in the background and applying captured corrections to the speaker output. This will not eliminate objective limitations, e.g., speaker size impact to lows, but it makes noticeable difference. Highly recommended.

Artūras B.


There are a bunch of attempts to make audio good. I’ve followed the following, mostly because I am too lazy to do my own work. The EE presets are pretty good, in my opinion.

I agree. What HiFiScan and EE duo does it lets you measure your specific speakers and apply corrections to the output. Sometime it is worth, sometimes not so much. But worth trying :wink:

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