[IN-TICKET] Anyone else had their CPU throttle down to 400MHz for *days*?

Hi, I’m running a 1260p 12th gen with linux 6.1.11 Arch. I’ve been having a weird issue where sometimes my CPU throttles down to 400MHz (as reported by cpupower frequency-info), this usually triggers around 80-90C (although persists well under that to 30-40C temps) and lasts anywhere from 1-30 minutes, although sometimes usually while doing something iGPU intensive like when I was playing Deeprock last night it will throttle down to 400MHz for hours or even days and there’s just nothing I can do to fix it. This persists into the bootloader too, when I load into rEFInd it draws its UI so slowly I can see scanlines it’s deranged lol. I’ve tried fixing this by:

  • disabling BD_PROCHOT, (which I can’t btw), if I wrmsr an even value (a value with the last bit being 0 which would disable BD_PROCHOT) it will instead set it to that value +1 making it impossible to disable (example: if I try to set 0x0 it sets 0x1 instead, the default value is 0xe4005b but if I try setting 0xe4005a it just sets 0xe4005b.)

  • installing throttled and thermald (seperately of course- I have also tried using a dptfxtract generated config with thermald to no avail)

  • changing to the “performance” CPU governor

  • manually setting the CPU frequency using cpupower (which just doesn’t seem to do anything)

  • Using other distros (namely Endeavour, Fedora, and Void)

  • rebooting

  • bios reset

none of these have worked.
I have a 22 message email thread with Framework support and I’m starting to get really upset because it kinda feels like they’re beating around the bush. Has anyone else had this issue? (and fixed it??)

Is my hardware defected? Am I gonna have to get a replacement? I’m kinda worried that if my hardware is defected FW support is gonna decide I’m not eligible for a replacement

We’re simply waiting for you to clearly confirm something on the ticket. I was off Friday, then the weekend, today’s Monday morning PST.

I will be happy to get this resolved for you once you’ve confirmed the question I asked.

Updated: This has been moved to the appropriate department in ticket. Closing this to prevent any confusion.