[RESPONDED] CPU slows down to 200Mhz

My framework laptop (running NixOS) will occasionally just slow down to 200-500Mhz. The min frequency for the CPU is 2800Mhz, and I have the CPU governor set to “performance”. I ran a stress test, and it randomly goes from 3000 to 200. The temperature when it’s at 200 is between 52-57 degrees celsius, whereas it’s 70+ at 3000. My firmware seems to be up-to-date, and the laptop doesn’t seem to be extremely hot, so I’m not sure what I should do. Is this a heatsink issue? Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi and welcome!

I think that it is a known problem, and that the first step to address it is to try a mainboard reset:

Welcome to the community! I’d start off with removing any CPU tools being used to throttle or de-throttle - I have seen a lot of instances where this contributes to issues where there should be none. If heat doesn’t appear to be an issue, start by doing that mentioned above and if after that/rebooting it is still an issue, then you can test it against a Live ISO of Ubuntu or Fedora (in case it’s a config issue).