Install multiple linux distros on a framework storage module?

Warning: Noob when it comes to storage/isos/etc. I used to play around with this stuff way more ~10 years ago, but nothing much now.

I have a framework laptop with a 250GB storage card and NO nvme harddrive. So far to play around with my framework laptop, I’ve been downloading isos 1 by 1 onto my mac, plugging in my storage module into my mac and using balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives “Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily.”

Using that tool though, I can only add a single iso to my storage module. I’m wondering if it’d be possible to format the drive so I can create like 10 x 25GB partitions and then when I’m just trying out an iso I could actually install it if I liked it.

I’m mostly just experimenting with linux isos at this point because I’ve been on macs for the past 10 years, but now with framework I’m happy to tinker again. Appreciate any help. Cheers

I wonder if you can use Ventoy on the external storage card.
With Ventoy, you install it on a usb drive and it will become bootable.
Then you download any iso files you want into the usb drive and when you boot it up you will get a menu to pick which iso you want to boot to.
I have a 64GB usb drive with at least 20 iso files on it and it’s really fun to be able to boot to any of those at any time.
I would imagine it would be even more amazing to use with the built in storage card.


My only other machines that I have are mac, and so I’m kinda of stuck since Ventoy requires windows or linux to begin with (as far as I can tell?)

Use a spare usb drive and balenaEtcher on mac to create a bootable live linux distro, then use that linux distro to put ventoy on the storage card.


I just looked it up… What Adam is mentioning is one of two ways to create ventoy on Mac. The second way is to spin up a VM and do it on Virtualbox, VMware or Parallels.

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