Installing NixOS in 2022?

I’ve just ordered a Framework and I plan to try running NixOS on it. I use Arch on my current laptop, but the functional package management concept is very alluring to me so I’d like to switch over to NixOS.

There are a couple of posts on setting up NixOS on framework, but it’s been about nine months since the most recent one, so I’m wondering if any details have changed. Is a custom image necessary for getting wifi at this point? Just downloading the normal image would make things easier. Though if I go with the custom image route, can I include customization for the framework or my preferred environment on the image itself? These guides don’t seem to cover that, if it is possible. Any pointers would be much appreciated!



for that part, u can install & use nix on any distro

  • the latest images should already come with newer kernel
  • also, NixOS ISO is not really necessary. U can install NixOS (any distribution) from any other working distribution (installed/ISO/image)

here’s a post on How I’ve been installing distros

It works great for me including wifi and bluetooth! You don’t need to build you own custom image just download the ISO installer to a USB like any distro and once it’s installed just edit your /etc/nixos/configuration.nix to your liking.

Bit of a self promo. But might be helpful for someone new to NixOS
NixOS - dotbin -

I don’t think much has changed from that blog post. I used that to reinstall NixOS a couple 2-3mo ago and it still works OK. I used just the headless image from the NixOS website.

While we’re on this topic. As mentioned in that post the wifi firmware gets borked on startup 50/50 of the time? As there are other NixOS users here, is that still the case?