Intel 11th Gen - Battery doesn't last

I currently have an 11th Gen intel; since the beginning, the battery hasn’t lasted long. Is there a workaround to get the battery to last longer or do I have to upgrade to a newer intel gen that is more efficient?

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AMD mainboards are more efficient and will provide better battery life than the intel versions. And there is also a new higher capacity 61Wh battery. If you combine with an AMD board, you’ll get the most out of it.

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I could gain almost 2h with the i5-1135G7 by removing the HDMI extension card v1 when I don’t need.


It depends. What operating system are you running, what is your workload like, and how long does the battery last?

There are plenty of threads on here that can help you optimize Windows or Linux battery life. And you should take the advice there first, and see if that helps enough for you.

But every FW laptop can drain its battery in ~1.5 hours if you run an intense enough workload (games, mostly)

If you are already getting good battery life, like 6+ hours in a mixed workload or 8 hours if you’re just browsing, but it’s not enough for you, consider an upgrade. Every new board will offer an improvement in this case


I heard an AMD laptop can last up to 9 hours. What about the 13th Intel Gen?

When it was new I got 4 hours max. Battery lasts 3.5 hours now. I don’t usually run heavy workloads.
I’m gonna look for the threads you mentioned, thanks!

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That’s good to know! Although most of my time I connect to a monitor

I get 10-11 hours on a 12th gen Intel. A lot of the variance comes down to unrealistic expectations of what an appropriate battery workload is. Want to use Zoom for 10-11 hours straight? Probably not going to work out for you. Want to browse, email, write, work through a terminal, then yes you will hit that 10+ hour range. Video conferencing simply chews up battery on a PC whether you are running WIndows or Linux, whether you have hardware acceleration working or not. Same thing goes for watching youtube videos

Yes, that’s the problem “solved” here : HDMI Expansion Card power saving rework (Beta) - Framework Guides

The other solution can be to buy the V3 in the marketplace.

Also try turning off the turbo if you are not doing heavy workloads on battery.

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